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Do you think my gig will sell? :3


I have a “hold your sign gig”, but woah there’s a lot of those on fiverr. I just wanted to see if anyone thinks it will sell, and if not, give me some other ideas for a gig? I’m new here :3

Here’s my gig:

Thanks xoxo



I do a hold your sign gig as well, and I’m getting sales (although not as much as my testimonial gigs)! Great way to make a few extra bucks. I actually got a $25 order recently :slight_smile: Anyways, for a greater chance of sales, I recommend a video, and maybe some pictures of you actually holding a sign (you only have pictures of yourself on your sample work).

Also, I find that the better the quality you can provide, the more chance of sale (buyers LOVE anything high quality). Try to avoid filters on your photos… cool for Facebook and personal use, but doesn’t sell well for marketing purposes. Chances are buyers will actually edit you out of the photo and replace the background with something else to match their site, and filters sort of distort the image and won’t allow buyers to easily extract you out of the image.

I’d also avoid taking pictures with your phone or webcam, and opt to take pictures with a real, quality camera as well. Again, most buyers in this niche prefer high quality images.

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Also! Might want to let buyers know if your description what you will NOT do… ex. adult content if you won’t… there are LOTS of creepers out there that will buy your gig asking you to do weirdddddd stuff if you know what I mean… LOL.