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Do you think Request a gig should have these two features


This is my first thread. So apologies for my bad English. After being an active seller on fiverr. I realize the power of request a gig here. Because i get at least 1 sell/ week from applying to request.

However i found out two loop holes here.

  1. There is now expiry date for request. There are thousands of request placed dead here. I think it should have 7-14 days expiration date. So there will be only active requests.

  2. Some times as buyer i place request and they get rejected. No reason mention. so if i try again with some modification they accept. Its really hard to understand why the previous request got rejected. So i think fiverr review should place proper reason for rejection so we can avoid same mistake in future. Because its really time consuming.

    I would really appreciate a response from all the senior and Experience seller Here :slight_smile:


I agree with #1, not sure about #2 as I have not responded to Buyer Request… because… when I tried, it mismatched my gigs to the request. In one instance, I had a gig which was the exact match for a buyer request, but I was not allowed to select it to submit, Fiverr selected what it thought was a matching gig (it was not). I did write to Fiverr and was told the gigs are matched to terms buyers state… bad plan… sellers should be able to match our gigs in response to buyer requests…