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Do you think should i create a logo for my profile



I am soon going to become a seller and was just trying to get opinions/advice on creating profile name/logo…

Do you think logos make a sellers profile stand out more or maybe a picture of myself, let me know your experiences/preferences



The picture you use to represent you is NOT going to improve or bring you more sales. Some new sellers think it will, but then we later see them complaining here on the forums because they don’t have any sales. Your profile photo should ALWAYS represent you (i.e., a photo of yourself), or serve as a logo for what you do or the services you offer here on Fiver.

Never use a photo of someone else that is stolen from the internet. Buyers want to know more about YOU as a seller. A photo of the hottest celebrity of the moment is not going to do anything for your sales. Be you, and your customers will appreciate you for it.


Yes, you can.
(20 charsss)


But what if we did this a little differently? What if I got breast implants and tattooed a logo into my forehead before smiling to the camera? Could this be the holy grail of profile pics?


Thanks for your response.

I was thinking more along the lines of creating an impression/memory and i know in the beginning that a professional logo will not be enough to get buyers and yeah i wouldn’t use anyone else’s photo haha.


I’m note sure I see the connection between breast implants and a profile picture of a logo on your forehead. :wink:


Like I said, your profile picture is not what earns you sales. Buyers are interested in your gig and what you offer. Create a great gig photo, and have a fantastic, well-written gig description representing an “I’ve-gotta-buy-this” service, and THAT will have a far better chance of earning you sales.


You are clearly not imagining me in a red Baywatch swimming costume with a Fiverr logo on my head. Perhaps, in this case, it’s a bad idea.


I have a great imagination! But I can honestly say, I was not imagining that. :stuck_out_tongue: