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Do you think the Fiverr Pro team are really up to the level?

I’ve been a logo designer on fiverr, I’m a level 2 seller. Recently after fiverr updated the new feature : THE PRO, I kept on checking the samples/mock up of the pro sellers. Frankly, I did not find anything very fancy or way above the mark like designs coming from them.

I have also not seen any supremacy in the level of creativity as for the price that buyers pay for it.

How did fiverr go on with the selection of the Pro’s? Most of them are level 1 sellers as I saw.

Does anyone know ?



I would visit this thread and ask. :slight_smile:

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Listen to the latest Fivercast about PRO sellers.

Essentially, being a PRO isn’t just about the creative work we produce (I am a PRO Seller in the articles category.) Other areas that are taken into account include:

  • The level of detail we go into for understanding the client.
  • Our industry and topic experience and history.
  • How we manage client relationships and provide services.
  • Previous “big name” clients and other proof of quality.
  • Intangible areas like trust, communications, and more.

In short, to be a PRO you need to do much more than just “do the work.” It’s about everything else around that, which is how the Fiverr team select PRO sellers. If you have any other questions, please visit the thread previously linked and ask there.


I should be a PRO seller then. I’m not sure I have big name clients though since I don’t get their full names.

I know a PRO writer here who definitely deserves that badge. I also know a few other writers who deserve the badge just as much, the only difference being that they charge very little, while the PRO writer charges a lot.

I think that ability or willingness to charge and get higher prices than average is part of the selection process


Everyone is free to apply for the PRO badge although it is not available in all categories yet.


It’s a flop show…

What’s a flop show? What does that mean?

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Simple question to all old seller - you guys have served thousand or lac of fiverr buyer - so are you not pro?

why pro gigs coming in the top of the every page - usually they say - gig do rank and show upper in the search based on performance - no one knows - what they are performing with 0 review and why coming in top search result.:wink:

they are selecting pro as based on social influence and identical projects…

what a joke - if any seller have delivered 10000 of job - there was nothing identical project?

discussing on pro - wasting time - hahahah - i’m wasting my time too :wink:

It may well be that if / when they roll our PRO to your niche you would be an excellent fit. I would definitely keep an eye open :slight_smile:


I refer you back to my previous comment on the areas Fiverr considers when deciding who is PRO. In terms of old sellers that could be PROs, anyone is able to apply. I do strongly suggest everyone listens to the Fiverrcast previously linked for more insight.

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The badge is called the “Pro badge” Those who are selling on Fiverr for years are Pro’s (The actual term Pro)

Don’t be confused and think you arent a pro because you don’t carry the badge that’s called Pro.



I was looking at logo designs the other day. (Still looking for a good artist that doesn’t create what everyone else can) and stumbled upon one… 400-800$ for what? The most simplistic, cartoony looking vector (MS PAINT LOOKIN) I dunno what to even call it, and there were buyers… LIKE WHAT? I’ll sell some body parts for that price*… Are they required to up their price by like hundreds or do they do it because its “Pro”? I know a few of them but others that SHOULD be on it.

*subject to terms and conditions, body parts may be used prior to sale, all sales as is no refunds.

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@nizate Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently others like the sellers work enough to pay that much.

Maybe @paulmaplesden can tell you if there are requirements for certain higher prices if you are a PRO.

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@misscrystal this is very true.


The only “requirement” for PRO pricing as far as I know is that we cannot price our gigs below a certain minimum. For the articles and blog posts category, that’s $100 - I am not sure what it is for other categories. I suspect PROs are experimenting with different price points, and it will be a case of balancing order numbers against revenue.


Hahaha, That’s what took me to surprise.

I have been working for sometime now, and I have experience. I would not call myself a pro, though the work they showcase are not the “PRO” standard, that is just my personal opinion bdw.

I read a comment by @paulmaplesden about the level of detail you go through and managing clients, communication, etc
The quality of work which you supply is the most important thing mate.
You can always go into deep details, manage your clients well, gather trust and be efficient in communication.

The amount charged for a logo design which I saw was around $1000(Basic gig), I could not find anything so majestic or grand about it.

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I realize that, but need to stress it is not the only thing. That’s what Fiverr considers when they are assigning PRO status - it’s not just the quality of the work, it is everything else too.

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Pro is nothing but decrease my rank

Its just the beginning though.

You can apply for PRO yourself when it comes to your category.

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