Do you think the response time should be shown more accurately?


The response time is shown to the nearest hour with the minimum response time being shown as 1 hour.

If the response time is an important metric and is helpful to buyers do you think it should be shown more accurately than it is now?

  • Yes, the response time should be more accurate than the nearest half an hour
  • Yes, the response time should be shown to the nearest half an hour
  • No, keep it to the nearest hour
  • No, make it less accurate than the nearest hour
  • Don’t show the response time at all
  • I don’t know
  • Other

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Is there some indication that a response message is about to be late?

I scroll through my messages constantly but still manage somehow to miss one sometimes. If I have lots of messages coming in they scroll down where I can’t see them all.


If you are using the Chrome web browser I think a message that hasn’t been replied to yet in the inbox (and it’s been less than 24 hours since sent) has some icon on it (in the left hand panel) that lets you know time is running out to reply to it.

edit: I think the icon that appears is the clock icon that is shown in the video on this link (see 00:13 for the clock icon in the video) - though it isn’t something that will just remind you near the 24 hours mark (I’m not sure if the icon changes a bit if it gets nearer to the 24 hour mark - maybe to red or something?):


Thank you, I’ve seen the little clock on messages. My problem is that sometimes I get so many messages they get scrolled down beyond where they are visible unless I scroll down. Before we could see many more message lines at one time but now there are fewer shown in the visible area, without scrolling down through them.

I can only see six messages at one time on that left panel.


I see 13 messages in the left panel at one time. Maybe it depends on the desktop resolution/monitor resolution etc. I think they should have an option to see which need replying to most since that would help with the response rate/time.

edit: the number specified is with the inbox maximized.


You have a great idea there. It would be nice to have a button to click to see ones we need to answer. Mine get mixed in with those I have already answered, and disappear from my view.

I use a 13 inch laptop so with 100% screen resolution there isn’t a lot of space to see all the messages.


Just to be picky here, what you’re talking about is precision, not accuracy. If you don’t know the difference, I suggest looking it up. Someone else has summarized it better than I ever could.

I certainly hope response time is displayed accurately. Anyone bothered to calculate theirs to see if the numbers are right?


Maybe it’s not the best term but if you take the web definition of accuracy (define accuracy)
it says:
“the quality or state of being correct or precise”
“the degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the correct value or a standard”

By that definition (especially the first), showing 1 hour as the average response time if the average response time was actually 5 minutes isn’t very accurate or precise. :slight_smile:


Fair point…

If it’s not going to be precise to more than the hour, for 5 minutes 0 hours would be more accurate.