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Do you think there's something wrong with having too many gigs?

Sometimes when I visit someone’s gig summary page and I see a whole bunch of gigs that are irrelevant to each other, like my own, I feel this deters buyers. It makes it seem like my focus is everywhere. Then again, I want to promote my skills… but maybe I have to promote my best skills? What do you think?

I agree that a wild array of gigs can make the seller look like a “jack of all trades, but master of none”. Just a suggestion: suspend some of your gigs but keep those that are related active for a few weeks or a month. Then suspend those and activate gigs related to another of your skills for a while. See if focusing and limiting your offerings to one skill area attracts more buyers. If you don’t see any appreciable change in sales, well, no harm, no foul, and you’ll know that having a hodge-podge probably doesn’t matter!

Reply to @celticmoon: Oh that’s a great suggestion. Thank you!

i think for me the ideal number is from 3 to 5, it all depends of the kind of work you do.

Since what i do takes time and lots of effort i cant afford to have more than 5 gigs or i will not have time to create to quality products . Distraction can harm your works quality imo.

If its something easy to do then its ok to have more gigs, but when its programmin’ , frame by frame animations and other gigs that require time. It can be a pain in the butt.

But thats just my opinion, i like to focus on one gig at the time without the thought of " ah man i got other 8 different gigs totally unrelated to this and i gotta finish this quickly".

Cheers.<3 Biancha

Reply to @themuslimgig: You’re welcome~! Hope it helps you figure out a good system!

Reply to @biancha: Wow you must totally love your skill set! Call it a labor of love. Creating video games and anime is no easy task. I can see how your advice, although different than many others, is so important to someone who has to spend so much time on one project. Kudos to you!

I think ideal number is 5 -10 with similar , topic it will be great combination!

Reply to @solocorporation: Yeah I think 5-10 gigs is good for me at the time, perhaps I can cut this down to 3-5 later on when I’ve developed a more focused skill set.

Reply to @themuslimgig: aww you’re a cutie! Thanks for those kind words , you made my day! <3 Biancha

I do get put down when i see people with many gigs, this also tells me that i need to remove some of my inactive gig because they are not going anything.

i feel too many gigs feels very spam.

Reply to @superfunart: It’s like, I get this awesome idea for a gig during the day, and then I’m like, ‘OMG I gotta make it happen on Fiverr NOW, it’ll make me a top seller instantly $$$!’ Then reality hits and I don’t get any sales lol, ah I guess just be patient, advertise better on my social networks, and press on :smiley:

Maybe operating on different Fiverr accounts could alleviate these issues? Like have a different Fiverr account for every major skill niche that you possess, that is if you are very multi-skilled! So if you are good with videos/advertising/go even broader and include tech support, then have one account dedicated to that. If you are good with creative writing, have one for that. Then have another for all the weird stuff. Might seem like a lot of work, but I’m sure the investment can pay off in the long run for one who has a large skill set.

Reply to @themuslimgig: I’m not sure, I would check that first. I’ve read that Fiverr can sometimes have a problem if you’re using more than one account.

Reply to @kjblynx: Knowledge, again spoken by none other than you. Thanks!