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Do you think this kind of gigs worked?

Hello everyone, I created this gig before one year.

I don’t know, but do you think that this kind of gigs works well in Fiverr? I mean when it comes to (more reality) somehow, like about the country you live in.

Give me your opinion :smiley::v:

I live in England and love my country! So I created a gig which offered people help planning a trip to England. I didn’t get any orders so it wasn’t a successful gig for me. However, you never know until you try; surely if you created a year ago ( if I understood correctly) then you must already know if it is successful?


Yeah I created it before one year, to be honest still not sure if it’s successful idea or not (one year isn’t enough sometimes) because sometimes you should improve your gig and if you change one thing about it, maybe it will be pretty successful.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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keep trying and make it original of yours and send requests as much as you can and keep better your response time.

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Thank you for your advice man, I will try doing it.

My pleasure and this is link of my gig check it out and give me your opinions about to improve it.

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I agree! It can sometimes help to amend the gig slightly :).

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Thank you so much…