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Do you think this seller should be allowed on fiverr as top rated seller


Fiverr is a good place to sell and buy.

But its really annoying to see other sellers copying and representing you.

This is a top rated seller

And its her gig.

I found she is using designs from google.

How a TOP rated seller can do such thing ?

But fiverr should remove such sellers from fiverr for violating third party issues.

Very bad thing

Sheriff’s Note: We understand that you wish to be heard and the forum is also a place to vent so your post has been moved to the Ranting Pot. The username has also been removed from your post as it is against forum rules to call out individual users by name.

Being a top rated seller means you often get an overload of orders. Not that I am one, but so I’ve heard. :slight_smile:

Some people will always find a way to cheat so they can finish those orders quickly. In a way, they know they’ll get away with it. Even if they’re caught they’ll just refund the order or wait for their new feedback to bury the negative one.

Reply to @sara1984: sorry, but I completely disagree. Being a TRS doesn’t mean the seller starts cheating and trying to deliver quicker leaving quality behind.

I honour each and every order with the maximum professionality I can, and it doesn’t make any difference if the gig is for $5 or $100.

So, if you find some bad seller you can leave a bad review or you can report him/her to Customer Support if you think he/she is doing something not legal or violating some rule. But please, don’t make a general rule, 'cause not every seller is a bad apple.

Naturally, this is just my very personal opinion…

rather than be jealous that another seller is receiving many orders and is highly ranked, you should be trying to learn from them. Maybe then 1 day you can be a top rated seller and make money like them. Rather than spending your time hating, just message him and ask for advice to improve your own gigs.

Really,how did you ‘’ find ‘’ that ? Maybe the seller designed it in the first place. People…

Reply to @mark74: Didn’t say all, Mark. Said “some.” Some cheat the system and it’s as clear as day to see. Others don’t. :slight_smile:

Some TSRs are amazing.

Reply to @customrapsongs: Its not jealousy. He is using my own designs :)) from my blog now whaty you will say ? I messaged him/her but no reply from his side.

If he/she is a TRS he/she should use his own creation right ?

Then why the seller is copying the designs from fiverr and using them ?

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Because i designed those for my clients =))

I first messaged the seller but seller never replied :))

Now i am using legal way and approaching fiverr copyright violation team and will remove this seller from fiverr community

Awesome…you just signed up on Fiverr and people are stealing your designs… sounds very legit … especially after not reading the rules on the forum… Yes,we all believe you.

hqexpert I am confused and probably not understanding this. I do not see that you have any fiverr gigs.

Do you mean designs you made for clients outside of fiverr?

You say they are designs from your blog, then you say they are designs for clients.

First you said she is using designs from Google.

If you were more consistent in describing this it would be more helpful to you.

I would love to help you but it sounds confusing.

Reply to @misscrystal: Yes i made those designs outside the fiverr and posted as my portfolio on my blog.

@misscrystal your gigs are really something else! Amazing.

Thank you, it’s just what I do.

I’ve had something similar to this happen before. I don’t post work online for certain clients when it’s related to a publication or campaign because of rules surrounding the release, but I sometimes have exceptions where it’s fine to post the work on my actual website as an announcement. Not anywhere else.

So I’ll periodically do searches for those images once they start to display on Google to keep general track of where they show up to make sure the usage is in line with our agreement until it doesn’t matter anymore.

I happened to see a place that had one of my images posted and when I clicked on it, it turned out to be in someone’s portfolio passed off as their own on some freelance site (not Fiverr).

I didn’t see a direct way to contact the site, so I joined to contact them through member support and had the matter resolved. I don’t know if that user was benefiting from the image or not and it doesn’t matter. It was mine and they were compromising my agreement.

I’ve also been accused of stealing images from a company’s site to use on places like Fiverr with my accuser not knowing that I was the one who shot the images for that company in the first place lol

It can all be very tricky thanks to the internet and being able to just find images you think look great and pretend they’re yours. Not everyone will take the time to verify if the image is from anywhere else, unfortunately.

So if you’re telling the truth, I’d contact Fiverr support with screenshots of your blog and if it’s work that you did for someone else, I’d ask them to back you up with a message to Fiverr verifying that you in fact did that work for them externally.

P.S. MissCrystal, is something wonky going on with your page? The formatting is all off. I tried clicking on other profiles in the thread to make sure it isn’t something with my browser and yours is the only one showing up that way. Just thought I’d point it out in case you didn’t notice!

I see it showing up perfectly, thanks. I recommend the Aura Cleanse for you.

No problem! I checked and it’s showing up normally again on my end as well. Glad it’s working!