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Do you trust Fiverr Stats?


With the level evaluation resting on your stats, you need to make sure Fiverr’s stats are correct. We all had heartburn about the Response Rate at one time or another but to be honest, I just don’t trust the accuracy of Fiverr’s stats

Do you?


I’m a little worried. I plan to keep good records of any cancellations especially. I haven’t noticed any discrepancies so far in the analytics but haven’t paid close attention to them.


Good question, but how can you be sure…


You should only trust Fiverr stats as far as you can spit a fridge.


I check my response rate multiple times a day and answer messages around the clock and still can’t stay at 100%. Let’s hope this is more accurate.

I’ve seen my completion rate drop a couple of times for no reason.


Oh, hey, you’re a fridge-spitter too! :smiley:

Did you have a chance to attend last years Fridge-Spitter World Championship? I hear there was this guy who could spit two fridges at once. I think he won 1st place.


This is not correct:


Response rate is the only stat I have a feel for. It’s pretty simple you answer the messages or you don’t so when it drops I usually send a message to CS.

I’m sure the other stats are done with some formula but not sure what they are.

I do know spitting a fridge won’t increase my response rate :slight_smile:


At present, I have widely different balances earned this month and pending clearance balances on the desktop and app version on Fiverr. I also recently realized that I have had only 14 cancellations overall this year, with the majority being buyer initiated because they lost control of their ability to not order something they didn’t need.

Never have I had more than 2 or 4 cancellations a month. Neither have I ever had less than 100 orders in a month. For most of this year, however, I was stuck at 86% - 89% orders completed. Before I looked I, therefore, assumed that I had way more cancellations. As it is, though, there simply isn’t a rating system in place.

The more you look at it, you need to have 100% green across the board with everything resting at 97% -100%. As soon as that slips, everything either plummets fast or starts to steadily erode.

Also, the orders missing from dash bug hit me again 2wice the other day and there is now a video on Youtube from someone who had their account closed after 76 such orders went the same way.

It’s simply not worth trying to keep up with the new review system. It’s not about trust in the present rating stats. It’s about the fact that Fiverr hasn’t actually got a working rating system to start with.


I have two different balances for the last 30 days right on the analytics page.


My On-Time delivery rate was 13% lower than it should have been, this was discovered when CS reset my dashboard for a completely unrelated reason - orders not showing up on Dashboard.
Will be doing an in-depth look at my orders/stats etc around the 7th of Jan and contacting CS then if there is an issue. I suggest others do the same.

My fridge is a mini fridge so I have a slight advantage on that over most of you.


On my analytics page, my “overview” total for the last 30 days is $300 less than my “completed” total. That seems odd to me.


CS just updated my response rate. It went from 92% back to 100%. All CS has to do to update your response rate is to refresh it. Every once in a while i get a newbie who says there isn’t anything they can do and I say “just refresh it and let the numbers fall where they will”


I’ve done this too a few times.