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Do you trust Fiverr?


In general the people on Fiverr are good souls. I think they do their best. But when it comes to the site, it has had it share of bugs. It seems every time a new feature comes out, it doesn’t work as advertise.

The latest Response Rate feature makes me pause. I respond to every message, yet I’m at 82%. My gut says this is going to be just like search engine results. You have to trust Fiverr since there is no way to verify if the search engine is giving adequate results. Fiverr’s out is that they can’t divulge the algorithm they use for search results, so we have to trust them.

All I know is when I do a search on certain key words the results don’t seem adequate. The same with the response rate – it doesn’t seem adequate, but just like search engine results, there is no way to verify. We have to trust Fiverr.


I guess everyone trusts fiverr? :-*