Do you trust gigs that have a bunch of Positive Reviews by the same buyers? [ARCHIVED]


So there are some gigs that I am considering buying, most of them for advertising of my new website. As a means to filter the gigs, I will always click on “Highest Rated”, that seems to be working for me thus far. However, one thing I have noticed a couple of times with different gigs is that there will be a bunch of reviews, probably 98 to 99% positive even, but what makes me concerned is that when I look down that the customer review comments section, I’ll find myself reading reviews from the same people “buyers”. Its like I’ll load more at the bottom and up will pop more reviews, and its like there will just be pockets of positive reviews (often the same text like “thanks great job”) by the same people that I had just seen a review from up above.

Does anyone else see this happen frequently, and would you guess that this is just because the Buyer really likes the gig and keeps buying it… or would you suspect foul play? Like the person that created the gig is gaming the system… albeit I realize that the gig would need to be purchased in order to be able to deliver another positive review… but some might suggest that by reinvesting some of those Fiverr Gig Dollars back into growing the Positive Reviews of your gig, that ultimately you will get more buyers and better placement on

Just curious to see who might have an opinion on this and whether or not you purchased a gig that had this going on and how did that turn out for you?



Well, if it’s for graphics gigs, there can be several gigs that make up one ‘project’ so the buyer would leave a review on each one. I have several like that. I don’t know about other types of gig.


I remember the first web design project that I sold required the buyer to purchase 7 gigs. I couldn’t do gig extras at the time. The buyer left a positive review for each one.

So… multiple positive reviews doesn’t always equate to underhanded buyer/seller activity.

Even now, as a level 2 seller, I still get multiple gig orders and reviews from the same buyer.

Although some sellers do have fake reviews, I believe that most reputable sellers don’t.


Reply to @betterbiztools: what would you look for to guarantee that you are working with a reputable seller?


Reply to @kjblynx: how do you feel about SEO gigs? For instance the Seller is offering like 2000 wiki backlinks?


I would talk to the seller. That’s your 2nd best starting point other than the live portfolio/reviews. I have multiple reviews from the same people because they come back or had to purchase multiple gigs to satisfy the cost of their purchase.

I also sometimes check out who the buyers are, if they have the same gigs as the seller it’s usually boosting.

If reviews are short and just a thumbs up I don’t really give much weight to them, unless there are multiple purchases by the same person and 1 has a review and the rest have thumbs up.

IMO the more a seller communicates with a buyer the longer the reviews become. So that’s something I would look for.


Reply to @kjblynx: and that is what would definitely be a concern if that is what was being delivered, because that kind of stuff would get Black listed as some Black Hat SEO because of Google’s Penguin/ Panda algorithm updates. So, it just makes me wonder how such a gig would get such great reviews if those were the backlinks that they were delivering yaknow? Because rather than the buyers getting better pagerank, they would all get “sandboxed” …


Reply to @accessgirl: good lookn out on the suggestion to check out the buyer… I like that


Its normal because i got 50+ orders from same buyer


I don’t agree with this. Many buyers do major mistake. But they use to contact customer support and show the conversation and remove the negative reviews. Some buyers ask sellers to give a good review and they offer some extra bonus for giving a positive review. So, I totally don’t trust the gigs which are having bunch of reviews.


Just keep in mind what you’re buying. Gigs have value up to a certain point. Do research into for example as you mentioned, “wiki backlinks” and figure out just how viable they are to have.

Do keep in mind that coming from someone that sells SEO-related services off and on that I wouldn’t recommend any more than 200 backlinks of any type, but generally less than 100 is best if you take the time to build up high quality ones or come in contact with high value pages willing to provide a backlink to your page. Too many backlinks even if they are of high value just pollutes your pages value and makes it harder for you to rank.

For article writing, a lot of my sales come from those that trust in me to buy numerous times in bulk. However, due to a limitation even with extras, they have to place multiple orders. Multiple feedback in my opinion if I see it on a gig, is in my opinion, a good thing. In a sense you can tell how much of a good thing by reading the particular buyers feedback. Hope this helps!


When i join fiverr i got a buyer who was interested in web development. We agree on $175 amount. And that buyer order 35 GIGs individually. (this happens to me twice :p).

So in the end that buyer leave me 35 Reviews, which were copy paste from him on all reviews.

So you can’t judge either the reviews are fake or not. My those 35 reviews might look fake to anyone as they are same and received in same date. But they were GENUINE from a real buyer.

The main thing is, communicate with buyer and JUDGE yourself.

accessgirl said: If reviews are short and just a thumbs up I don't really give much weight to them, unless there are multiple purchases by the same person and 1 has a review and the rest have thumbs up.

I have a few buyers who come back to me regularly. They leave reviews every time but it's gotten to the point where a thumbs up is easier or simply "thanks".

It really is worth thinking about the service, the time someone has been on Fiverr, the cancellation rate (which you can now see once it gets to a certain point) and whether there are any other reviews within the mix.


Reply to @sigecig: I do look at reviews, but I don’t overthink it or spend too much time reading reviews. I just rely on my initial instinct. If it’s feels right, I go for it. If not, then next.


I have an agreement with a websites reseller. My task is to take care to install and configure all these websites he sold. So, he is leaving feedback for every gig (or every installed website). Until now, that person left me about 40 positive reviews. Is that mean that all those reviews are fake? NO!

And also, there are many returning buyers who come and leave multiple reviews.

My secret? Overselling and very good communication. I stay in touch with the buyer with every step I make.

If you want to be sure about a seller, send him/her a message and put some specific questions about his/her gig.


Read long positive reviews, and read all negative… watch how seller replies to booth (if it does)!

Have in mind also that every seller has some shitty buyers that would like everything for just $5 (including extras)…

Be smart and decide… (: