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Do you Trust the Fiverr Stats


I must admit, I’m a bit skeptical that Fiverr’s stats ring true. The Response Rate is a prime example. MOST of the time when my response rate would drop below 100%, I would contact CS, they would refresh my gig and it goes back to 100%. It seem like I was doing that 2 or 3 times a week so now I don’t contact Fiverr CS every time it drops. As long as it stays above 95% I leave it as is.

Lately been reading a lot of posts where sellers are saying they have a lot of clicks, views, impressions, etc but no sale. If it was only a few who was reporting this I may chalk it up to “that’s the way it goes” but it seems like more then just a few are now reporting this and it makes me wonder – Are these Stats Accurate? I guess there is no way to know for sure, but if our analytic stats are anything like the Response rate stats it may explain why many are reporting a lot of clicks, impressions, views, etc but not getting any sales.


I really do not think they are accurate. Most especially with the response rate. Mine rises and falls at freewill so much it doesn’t bother me. Currently at 88% but don’t think I ever noticed a 100% response rate.

For the gig stats, I think it is close but not exact. Yesterday one of gigs had 1.1k impressions with a green arrow pointing upwards, today there are 1.2k impressions with a red arrow pointing down. Now, I am confused, how did an increase in numbers lead to a fall in the arrow symbol.


But I believe although sometimes the belief becomes a merely thing’s :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Sometimes you may also receive the spam messages, which may not be displayed . We didn’t give reply to those messages. Unfortunately those messages also considered for calculating response time.

I have observed above from my experience. Presently I have 100% response time.


I have not found stats to be as useful as it would seem at first glance. I’m not sure of the accuracy either. Mine have been going down down down for at least a month now.
And so have my number of sales so in that respect they are accurate.


Absolutely not! The stats are rigged! I have been ripped off by five star sellers more times than I care to count.


That’s not the stats, those are reviews. Stats are statistics sellers see.