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Do you Up-Sell when delivering an order?


I always wondered how people close/deliver their orders?
Aside from all the thank yous, here is your delivery, and so on…

Do you up-sell your other gigs?
Do you refer your client anywhere?


Dear Gal & Marianne:

The best source for that info is this post by twistedweb123:

For my part, I mainly try to give really good service. My most successful upsell was a client who started out wanting 4 gigs, bought nine, tipped me, bought 3 more and tipped, then bought 5 more a month later with another tip.

I attribute that to making a good faith effort to understand their needs and to give great service.

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I can only guess as I didn’t make any sales here, yet.
But it’s usually advantageous to bulk up that e-mail address list and redirect them to your own domain name, social media and such. Up-selling your other GIGs or cross-promoting might be good depending on your GIGs and the situation. Hopefully I’ll get sales pretty soon and be able to answer this question with more depth.

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I agree with Blaisefaint. By giving world class service I have lots of repeat clients who often immediately order again. I have repeat clients coming back from as long ago as 2014.


Dear Miss Crystal:

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I’ve yet to try upselling in a delivery, for me, I’d just personally rather not do it as i loathe sales people.
but i’m sure i’ve missed out on funds because of it.
however, i think there’s a way to do it that is casual and non-pushy. i’m sure you could try and benefit from it!
what does appeal to me is thanking them for their loyalty with a ‘fiverr anywhere’ offer. with just a small discount, perhaps equating to a couple dollars savings, but clients appreciate it nonetheless. I’ve not done this, but might be a fun thing to try.


I’ve done some work to try and make my gigs standalone so no, I don’t upsell other gigs. I just hope that if I did a good job, they’ll come back, which they usually do.


Up-sell: When possible, yes.

Voice over almost always sounds better with music, so I promote that with my “Thank-you for ordering…” message.
One of my “up-sell” techniques is giving away free music to first time clients if they don’t order it. I’ve added music to over a thousand tracks so far (mostly paid, some giveaways), and I have my production systems well refined. I also end up up-selling video sync, because many don’t order that, but they need it since the VO will accompany a video.

The next time they order, about a third of them order music… So we both win (they get a better product, I earn a little more.)

Referrals: I’ve done enough I get asked about related fields (“Who do you know that does video/animation, and/or script writing…” )

I can’t/don’t want to do it all.

I’ll do minor script enhancements, but refer out the rest to some other Fiverr sellers who I’ve worked with in the past. I’m careful about those referrals, but once I know that seller does a great job, I’m happy to send them business.

Over time my referral pools is getting larger, and I do plenty of up-sells.


Genius, I’m gonna use the fiverr everywhere offer on my deliveries for sure !