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Do You Usually Notice This Client?


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Does someone notice the client when someone intends to apply a job on “Buyer Request”? I have been observing this client for last 4 month, posting job one to three or even four, most of the days of every week.

Is there any seller assigned with the client at any job? What was the experience? Or is it a fake ID?

This is open discussion, indeed i expect, curious seller will be participating in this topic with his/ her own knowledge and experience.


I haven’t specifically noticed that Buyer (not sure what subcategory that’s from, so I may not be able to see those), but I have noticed more than a few Buyers posting multiple times, variations of the same request, different requests for the same service, the same request posted multiple times, etc.

My guess would be that many of the frequent BR posters are either students buying their assignments, resellers, people who can’t/won’t do their own work (or figure out they can get it cheap here), or people who do it for fun (no purchases).


Hi mate , your post violeting Forum Rules . That user may be feel uncomoftable if she see this post.


yeah i also see most of the time…