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Do you value yourself?


It’s kinda funny to be on Fiverr and charge Five bucks for a job, because Fiverr = Five, funny huh?.. See what I did there? Yeah… Anyway…

It’s kinda common to see Gigs up to $5, my gig is like that, so yeah. But the question is, how do you know your own price?

I do voice overs, and I started my Gig just yesterday, charging $5 for 300 words. But after thinking I was like: “I went to college for 4 years, I trained and studied this subject everyday, I spent money on this equipment, and all I’m charging now is $5 for all this effort?”. So now I kept the $5, but for 50 words.

It’s good to not confuse value with greed, but always keep in mind that what you are doing is putting your time and effort into it. Of course you shouldn’t go mayhem and raise the offer amount till it reaches nirvana, since we all have to start low to be reconized first, this is a universal rule for any type of job even outside fiverr…

I just felt like pointing that out. How would you suggest someone to put their offer prices on their gigs?


Charge what your services are worth (based upon your skill, reputation, experience, etc), and what your target market will pay for those services.


If you are new charge $5. You need to get some sales and reviews. After that you can try different prices on your gigs when you have lots of reviews.