Do you wanna real Face facebook likes?


I will give you Real 1000 fb likes.


so let me get this straight, you live in a mansion with 1,000 people and you all hit like at the same time? is that it? Thats the only way i can think it would be “REAL” people, but im sure u dont even know 1,000 real people. This is creepy pasta.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yes…They will be a real part of your page


Reply to @biancha: I didn’t say it’s at same time.I deliver It’s within two days.Look at my gig.I don’t wanna cheat anyone.If you not satisfy i’ll give your money back


Reply to @anderson10: how you get 1,000 in two days to agree to click on a page?


Reply to @fungoodesigns: lol i know the ways to create “real” fb likes etc, im just sarcastic.


just spreading the knowledge biancha! I loved your comments to him…

enjoy your night!!