Do you want 5,265 pixels on a heavily promoted website and possibly mentioned on Huffington Post?


Hey guys!! I’ve been working on a comedy project for the last 5 months aiming to make £1 Million in 9 Months. Comedy-wise it’s been as much of a goldmine for material as I’d imagine but cash-wish, not so much!

However, I’ve took a bit of inspiration from Alex Tew’s million dollar homepage and stepped upon something that will either kick-start the money generation - or another goldmine for material with the “Fiverr Wall”. Check out the post on the Huffington Post to get a full picture of the idea.

So, why should you buy this gig? Well, the page will be up for at least 3 years - but the aim is to keep it up for a lot longer. I will be speaking about this page in my personal blog, the book when it’s released, any publicity and any comedy performances - whether it’s a success or not. This means if only 2 or 3 of you buy a spot on the page you will receive a lot of benefit from anyone who checks the page out.

I will also be speaking about it in subsequent Huffington Post articles and linking directly to specific gigs that I find interesting as examples of the people who have taken up the gig - this could be you!

So, get straight onto and get your spot on the page. $5 gets you a 75 x 75 image and you can buy as many gigs as you like!

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Good luck my friend :slight_smile: may i suggest displaying where the pixels will be shown. .I couldn’t easily find it myself…


I’ve added a picture to the gallery which shows the site and where the pixels will be and I’ve attached it to this message. It’s the big white section in the middle of the screen :). I’ll be adding a blog to the site in the coming days where people can tell their story about their gig on Fiverr.


Bump. The next 3 people who purchase will be guaranteed to get a mention in my next Huffington Post article.