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Do you want a high quality and really cute digital sketch?

Hi! I am offering a high quality digital sketch of YOU, your family or friends in my nendroid-like chibi style.

What I can do:

  • Sketches of you, your family members and friends
  • Anime, cartoon or video game characters
  • TV and movie characters

    I am new at Fiverr (just joined a few days ago), and a good friend of mine recommended me this site to start gaining commissions. I hope to make use of my talent as my temporary source of income and to help ease off some of the financial burden of my parents.

    I am currently a pre-med student who is trying to save up for the necessary books, uniform and other supplies that I will be using when I enter med school next year.

    Drawing is my passion and stress-reliever so expect orders to come out quick :slight_smile:

    Contact me at my gig here:

    Here’s a sample drawing for those interested: