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Do you want a Professional Intro of Star Wars, Walt Disney, Harry Potter, GTAV, VideoGames,etc.?

Hi Everybody, my name is Sam!

My work is to create intros with customized text (Any Language), you can use the video to Promote your YouTube channel, presentation of your video on your website (Youtube, twitter, facebook etc), Promoting events, your logo, your company, family video (a gift for your children with your name included etc.) on whatever you want!

I have several models that may interest you, I invite you to see my gigs in my Profile:

PS: Since I’m new, fiverr limits my gigs but i have other models

Dreamworks, MGM, Columbia, New Line, Walt Disney (Pirates of the Caribbean), Hitman Game, Amnesia Game, GTA V Game, Lionsgate, Battlefield 3, COD Black OPS 3, FIFA 15, Minecraft, Sims4, etc. ( Yes i am a Girl Gamer and happy, but Professional)

if you want to ask for an introduction “Famous” Just tell me what it is and i will answer as soon as possible, if it is possible to do it.

Thank you so much for read !



Do you actually have permission from all those films to use the footage to resell?

Hi! Yes, Of course, i dont understand, why not ?

Reply to @fyourdreams:
I don’t think you do. Those companies are notorious for NOT giving out licenses to other people to use their copyrighted work. It is illegal to use someone else’s creative work for profit without specific legal permission. Do you have a legal license to make a personal profit off of the Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter and other major worldwide brands?