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Do you want an opportunity to be a hero today?


I’m pretty new to Fiverr (I just got back after being away on holidays) and I would love some feedback on my Gig.

I write business articles (but can write on a variety of topics).

I’m trying to get to Level One and would really appreciate any feedback you have.

Feel free to message me on Fiverr in response to this message as I will see the message quicker.

Check out my gig here.

Thanks for being a hero today!


“Be a hero”?

If you’re a business writer you should know that exaggerating in copy does not appeal to an audience or convince them you are credible. It repels them and makes them suspicious.


it’s so confusing…
After reading your post, “I am hero” and only for today? For the rest of the days- I am villain?


Thanks for the feedback, @humanissocial.

It’s the little actions people take every day to help others out that make them heroic.

Maybe you don’t see feedback as heroic, but I sure do. It really helps me out so I can serve people better.

Do you have any feedback for my gig, or just feedback on my post?

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Hahaha yes, a hero today, a villain tomorrow. Any feedback on my gig? :slight_smile:

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What you think isn’t relevant. It is how people perceive you that drives or repels sales. And writing the way you did creates the opposite perception you are intending. Any skilled business writer will understand the role of audience perception and key messages.

Your gig description is not appealing and neither the gig image.

Okay do you have any suggestions on how to make them better?

Okay is this feedback on my gig? Or still feedback on my post?

Why did you put that thing (I will write…) on your face? also you are not utilizing the gig image area properly in terms of dimension.

I cannot help in you writing gig description because it’s not my niche. You are providing writing services, so you should take some time out and think as a buyers perceptive and then write a compelling description that target your potential customers.

Good Luck!!


In your opinion. You haven’t even asked what he’s selling.

It might be sponsorship of guide dogs. That would make the purchaser a hero IMO.

I looked it up and saw what he is selling. My point is that his post here is counter productive to what he is selling.

I shouldn’t have had to look it up to see what he is selling. An effective sales message makes that clear. And I’d be just as put off by his message if he was selling guide dog services. It is an arrogant, unsubstantiated message. That is a deterrent bo matter what you are selling.

In your opinion, of course.

I can’t speak to the article writing but I do have a suggestion for the graphic.

It looks like you may have used an Instagram Image for your Fiverr Gig Image. I would use a 1920 x 1080 image and fill the whole screen. Show your face on the left with text on the right, or face on the right with text on the left. Take care to compose the whole space, choose good colors, and perhaps fill in a little more descriptive text and it’ll look loads better.

It’s the first graphic I quickly created with an app called Word Swag. I just looked to see what successful writers on Fiverr did - I noticed many of them had a photo of their face with some words. It was difficult to put the words to the right of my face, so it ended up covering my face… strange but I appreciate your feedback! :+1:

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Thank you for the feedback, @leejohnsonvideo!

Yeah, it’s a pretty bad photo - a lot smaller than needed, so I just threw together what I could on an app called Word Swag. I’ll see if I can get the text big enough on the right side.

Thanks!! :blush:

Use a different color than the Neon Green in the next version :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol I’m not asking to sell anything.

All I asked for was feedback on my gig.

Do you have any?

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“Selling” meaning your gig. I presume you intend to sell it.

My feedback on your gig is that you aren’t communicating your value, expertise or knowledge on business there, which someone would want if they hire you to write a business article. You oversell the quick delivery and undersell the actual value.

Also, your copy for your business gig should more clearly illustrate professional writing skills. It needs to showcase how you would write in business, but instead it feels pretty basic and generic and lacks the structural elements that make business writing “sell.”

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely add more credibility and expertise to make it more appealing.

As for professional writing skills, I state in my gig that my article writing is conversational. Plus, samples are providing in the images so viewers can see my style. If it doesn’t suit them, that’s okay.

I can work on the overall structure and talk more about the value of the articles.

I appreciate your feedback, @humanissocial. :slightly_smiling_face: