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Do you want help finding out what to buy for your family and friends on christmas?


Don’t know what to buy for your lawyer wife, your college graduate son, your helpful neighbors or your friendly co-workers? Look no further! I can help you out! Check out my gift idea gig.


Great! :slight_smile:
You should also advertise your Gigs on social media!


thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: I advertise on instagram but I don’t partake in any other social media platforms.


You might wish to add a few sample lists to your portfolio instead of stock photos.

For example, you mentioned in your gig description
Don’t know what to buy for your husband who already has everything for his man-cave?

My grandma can make a list of 15 items, but the chance of getting 15 great ideas is very slim :stuck_out_tongue:
Buyers don’t know anything about you nor how you pick those ideas. You might wish to explain a bit more why your list will be better than Google “top 10 gift ideas 2018 for…”.


I took these pictures actually. they aren’t stock photos. thanks for the idea though. I’ll definitely add some detail to my gig. Thanks for the tip!