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Do you want not only a story to write but also the full design of your characters?


I have the gigs for you. I can write, I can draw. I need the job and money, and perhaps you are going through a writer’s block right now.

If you want a good plot for your story, I can create it for you!

But don’t forget every story need characters, and you can have a full body design of them in full color too!

Maybe you’re working on a comic project, maybe you just have original characters and want to see them outside of your imagination. Maybe you’re just a fanfic writer and want a piece related to a scene of your fic. What if you got stuck with your plot? I definitely can help you with all of that. So help me help you!

I’m not going to lie, my dog is the one in need of the money. I have to pay $750 USD for a fly ticket for her or she’ll die. So really help me, and help her.


It would be a good idea to upload a photo or image above your profile description. As your gigs are in English and your profile description is not this may be confusing to buyers.


Thank you. I will fix all that just now!