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Do you want TARGETED fans if yes i will give you 15 Fans for free just name the country and send me


Hi i want to work so i am ready to proof the quality of my Gig Yes i will give you 15 Targeted Fans Real ones

so if you find me an honest persone Then you can Buy My gig here


Thats great, My first ever Fiverr purchase was getting ‘targetted fans’. unfortunatly I failed to read the description properly and the guy gave me fake facebook profiles for my laughing beader page, inactive accounts. So bassically I have fans that are no use unless you want to brag to the world about the numbers.

Good on ya and I wish you all the best with it.


thaaank you Dear friend I hope that we can make some good buisnes

Good luck to all


To who can I safely buy “country targeted” facebook fans? A not so easy task!


Reply to @recurringbuyer: i an sell you country targeted fans