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Do you want your gig in the spotlight?


I am featuring a gig once a month on my blogs and will give an honest review of that gig.

My blogs:


Hey great initiative!

May I suggest getting some custom-made social icons that match with the style and colors of your blog(s) theme?


Oranje Explorers are always available :slight_smile:


I am bumping this back to the top as I need some input and wanted to clarify, yes I will PURCHASE a gig tomorrow night to benefit my family tree gig but I need you all to post a link to your gig that you think would be appropriate and helpful… Again I spot light the gig on my blogs and social sites next weekend.


Hey, you said family tree site and then social networking site. Are you looking for both or just the family tree site? I have a gig that would be great for a social networking site.



Reply to @hotwebideas: I guess it was confusing, the type of gig I am looking for should benefit my gig, whether it be creative, marketing, design or blog design.


Reply to @tn5rr2012:

Probably something like this:


Awesome idea!

P.S : You can always take my gig into consideration (even though none of it might directly relate to your business (except that HD video trailer))


Make sure you check my blog out Sunday evening for this weeks featured fiverr seller. I added a post before I left town about the contests going on with fiverr


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: That is a great idea but I want to make sure my blog has subscribers and views. Right now it is just getting started, plus I have my hadns full with the family trees I climb


I’ve always wanted to start a blog and to get more involved with Youtube. You’ll have to let us know how it comes along! Speaking of Youtube, have you thought about linking this to your blog as well?


Can I get a link to your blog?

I want to check it out :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Nice tip! I wonder how this kind of gig performs here on Fiverr in terms of number of orders.


Reply to @nrallstars: I will have a new post tomorrow evening and here is the link,


Reply to @mintyone: I am not sure how to link my blog and my Youtuve page. I am thinking about diving more into youtube videos but probably won’t tckle that until after the new year


So I have just finished my blog post for @hotwebideas which was the featured fiverr seller this week. I will be choosing my next featured seller tomorrow evening so if you want to be considered drop me a message here and also link to the gig you think my blog and/or family tree gig would benefit from, explain to me how it would benefit.


Hmmm... I must find some way one of my gigs would benefit you :P
Uh oh... here comes some clever thinking.


Love your blog header! :x


Reply to @lparziale: I know it is freakin awesome!