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Do you work during holidays and weekends?


Fellow sellers, it’s me trying to start another discussion with you.

I work on holidays cause I have more free time and I can finish extra orders than I do during regular days, plus most of my clients come from the US and we don’t share the same holidays. However, I do some exceptions during Easter and Christmas on which I don’t work.

About the weekends it really depends on my mood, usually, I work but slower than I do during work days.

What do you do?



It depends on a service you offer. My average delivery time is 2-3 weeks which includes at least 2-3 extra days for unexpected delays (sickness, family stuff etc) and I don’t work during weekends.
I can’t imagine how some of the writers and designers can do it. I guess they are really good at time management or have a different system.


I work all days… more than 15 hours per day. My delivery time is actually feasible that’s why i have to be active on Fiverr as most as possible. But it’s a freelance business and in my niche of business i can do the work whenever i want and however i want. There is no scheduled time. But yes, when i am working, i will only focus on my work.
Actually i have a really good management system. When i receive a new order or a new message, i will instantly tell them about my service and my availability if i am not there. Just to keep everything updated with a buyer is very important for me.


I’m always online yet only work several hours everyday.


It doesn’t matter how much time spend on your work. But it’s your best and will get more order if you do work on time.
It’s your business. Spend more time and get more order.


Are you for real??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:[quote=“zarmenakhan, post:6, topic:154953”]
It doesn’t matter how much time spend on your work

And then on the last line… you changed your own statement to



No no friend. I don’t change our statement.
In first line. I clear problem.
In last line. I suggest her. It’s a really good. If you spend more then the regular time.


Regarding to the main question… I work 24/7, weekends, holidays, etc. And yes I do have a life :grin: The way that works for me is to find balance between your work time, earnings and quality of the service.


Definitely, I work two hours, then I take a break and work again.


Ever since I have not worked for any company anymore, I lost track of time and it feels soooooo good! I never remember what day is today if I don´t see the calendar. Weekend or workdays feel the same to me, especially now that we live in the countryside.

NB: To answer your question, well, since I do dog sitting and don´t get customers everyday and I make Youtube videos featuring my dogs (I make twice a week. Recording time usually about an hour in total, editing process also takes about an hour/day sometimes less - I edit within a couple of days whenever I feel like it so in total probably like 2 hours, and then I upload it which only takes a few minutes), weekend or weekdays do not matter to me. :slight_smile:

PS: If weekend should matter, it only when it comes to socializing with people that I know in real life coz usually they are busy on workdays. But I have cut down my socializing time with them since we moved to the countryside (and surprisingly it feels so good too, lol).


Same here! Any distinction between Weekday/Weekend, Day/Night, Professional/Personal has been lost once I’m in freelancing. It’s work anytime, play anytime. Of course, not everyone can handle this and requires some discipline on my part.

… and you should see the wry smile on my face as I sit in balcony and wave friends leaving for their offices. :smile:


LOL, yeah I know that feeling :joy: :joy:


As @idostuff74 stated, I also work “whenever I can, whenever I need” to.

Orders have deadlines. I work whenever I need to to ensure that I meet all of those established deadlines. If there is an upcoming event or holiday that I am needed elsewhere, I always ensure that I work ahead, and complete all orders that would come due during those times when I cannot be working.


If I’m busy I work long hours, incusing holiday and weekends. If I’m quiet then I spend a bit more time with the family. This is the freelance life, isn’t it?


It is. If it isn’t, I don’t know what is. :slight_smile:


Depends: Installed app on my mobile and try my best to stay online so if got a order then i start working if not then all i do is spend time with my family as much as possible :slight_smile: