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Do you work with buyers who are using VPN or proxys?

I sometimes get messages where someone’s time does not match the listed country. I am wondering if others notice this and agree to work with these buyers? Or are you reluctant or turn them away?

Do you ever question those who send messages, and for example their profile says one country, but their time does not match that country? If they deny they are using one would you feel comfortable working with them?

Would you ever report this to customer support?

I had one like this recently who lied and lied about it when I asked him about it, and of course they had just joined fiverr. For example they tried to convince me it was due to their anti virus software.

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I get plenty of messages/orders from people whose location doesn’t match what I think is their nationality and real location, and I don’t really do anything about that. I do pre-judge them, I have to admit, but I never think they’d be a bad buyer just because of that. There has to be something more than that. I’ve had bad buyers who didn’t use VPN and great buyers who I think did use it. I also don’t report them because I’m never 100% sure. What if they’re an immigrant and haven’t got great control of the language? I know that’s rarely the case, but still, I can’t report someone if I’m not sure they’re doing something wrong.

When it comes to time difference, what I just said doesn’t apply, but I never check if the times match. I just don’t know US times by heart and never bother to google them. Even if I did catch them, I don’t think I’d ever ask them about it.

That being said, I don’t understand why they try to hide their location when people immediately assume or know they’re lying most of the time. It just makes others do what I often do in those cases - pre-judge and wonder why.


Since I’m in the USA I know our time zones and what time it is in each one, so it’s easy for me to notice if they say they are here but not in a USA time zone.

If I ask and they admit it it’s not that big a deal to me but to deny it repeatedly makes me wonder. There is no reason not to be honest with me.

This is the reason why we would never report someone doing this.

That being said, it’s a massive red-flag. This, and using a profile image that you know with certainty isn’t them (stock image etc). I get that not everyone wants a photo of themselves on their profile, but if you’re going to go out of the way to hide who you are, I’m going to be cautious.

We tend to take the approach of asking way more questions than we normally would, and if we’re not happy with the answers, asking them politely not to order from us. We block if we think they may not adhere to that request.

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Yes, I’ve noticed it.

No, I’d never do that. I mean, it is obvious (very high chance) that they’re using a VPN. I don’t wanna know their reasons for it. They might either try to give a reason (to make it sound legit.) for using it or outright deny it.

No, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. It is not like lying to me would make me feel comfortable and make me wanna share all my life secrets with them, right? I would wonder… what is it that this person is trying to hide? If the person is not being honest about using VPN, what is the guarantee that the person would be honest with us while working on the order? This buyer would be high up on my “possible CB scammer” list.

If I come across one, and if I had the choice, I’d probably not work with them.

I’d not report them tbh. This is because I would not know for sure (100%) if the person is really using a VPN or if it is some kinda bug.

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Thanks guys, it is disconcerting to me to be lied to about such an unimportant thing. Yes it’s a red flag. I get all kinds of people and am not judging anyone but I do like some basic honesty.

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