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Do you write a private message to the seller before purchasing the gig?

If you see some nice gig for the first time do you message the seller about his gig? Or you order the gig directly only watching his video or description?


if i need more clarification i’ll message the seller.

This is highly recommended for the jobs that require some understanding and discussion for the projects. If the job is just about voiceovers/videos or similar tasks, the description covers almost everything.

I sent a message to my seller and he responded quickly. I then responded and haven’t heard from him. how do you start a new message?

I always message sellers beforehand. It helps me in my decision process, because I usually want to buy from them multiple times. A good personality attracts me more than short answers. Usually, I read over their Gig a few times and ask the unanswered questions in my message.

Yes, communication is the priority!

Yes Sure, You can send the Message Privately to the Seller before the Purchasing gig. You can check the GIG and Click the “Contact me” then Send the Message to seller, Thanks

As a buyer and a seller for more than five years, it’s safer to send a message before purchasing and ask a question or two. This will show the response time and if your question was answered to your satisfaction.

I still remember one seller that I sent a message to. It took him 19 days to respond!!

Wow, 19 days!! Is he still active, lol.
I think it’s very important to communicate beforehand. Actually I don’t like it at all if somebody just orders a gig without contacting me beforehand and I’m very strict with the requirements.

Yes, that guy is still active, he’s a Top Rated Seller and he does audio recordings. Can you imagine 19 days? I should have offered him a course on communication!

Hello there,
As a seller, I would expect the buyer writing to me before placing an order. Sometimes you don’t know that the sellers are in rush and having multiple orders in queue. So they would expect you to talk with him regarding your vision. I think that would be an appropriate way to kick-off.
Hope this helped.

I get really irritated when a potential customer messages me when the question they have asked is clearly highlighted in my gig description. As long as it is not in the gig description then I’ll most likely answer.

I welcome all questions before someone orders and it gives me a chance to send a custom offer.

I’m not a buyer but now that you’ve brought it up, I urge buyers to at least send a message and consult with the seller. Although Fiverr gigs have clear description and all services are modular, but still there is no cookie cutter work, unless it is some sort of digital download. All work is custom, so it’s recommended that the buyer message the seller. If the custom work isn’t too much, even then it is advisable to message the seller to gauge the response time of the seller. You can extrapolate the overall buying experience simply by looking at the response time of the seller.

Moral of the story : Always drop a message.

Since I’m offering different things, it depends. Apart from custom requests, I like to give my prospective buyer’s as most as possible answers to their questions before they have to contact me. It usually words. But if someone’s writing me, I always take my time to answer (or in case the answer is already written in my description or my FAQs, I refer to that). Most of the time it works out as intended. I rarely get messages apart from custom requests. In my opinion, a well-written description and FAQ section solves lots of unnecessary questions. That way you can focus more on your projects and get more income.

Communication is important. As a seller I like when a buyer asks questions before purchasing a gig. On the other hand, there are sellers who have purchased gigs and provided clear instructions so questions beforehand weren’t needed. They knew exactly what they wanted and were confident in my ability to deliver. I would say it depends on the project.

I’ve put description in my gig to send me message first as I don’t want to rush. It affects the quality. So I’ll do the same if I were a buyer :slight_smile:

I often see that but when I need a rushed job (and it’s straight forward) I just go ahead and place the order.

Sometimes special gigs such as content creation requires communication before hand, but a web designer that just needs your web log-in and the design option you like wouldn’t really need a message beforehand!

As a seller, I don’t mind when buyers do both. I generally offer a sample if they message which encourages them to do so, but my gig description is clear regarding what I do.