Do your website images really look that great?


I can not help but notice all of the stunning websites people are creating these days. Their work with code has helped some of the smallest companies make the largest impressions. One common occurrence is prevalent in even the best of the websites out there. Image quality. The lighting is not right… it is to blurry… why is it so grainy?.. are just a few questions I often ask myself. So, as an effort to help those looking to turn their images into something visually appealing for the consumer (because most of us can use the competitive edge within our over-populated niche), I want to offer my services.

Take a look below. Honestly, if anything you will learn about what you need to keep an eye out when putting images for the entire world wide web to see.

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All work is done with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Lightroom and Photoshop are the two programs used.

I offer profession level photo editing and development.

Here are some of the most common issues I see in the photos we edit for clients websites:

  1. Blurry
  2. Too much contrast
  3. Red-Eye
  4. Off-Colors
  5. To many distractions away from what is being photographed
  6. Subject being to far away and not as visible as they could be
  7. Low Resolution
  8. To much noise
  9. Underexposed
  10. Over exposed

    If you have one of these issues, our simple $5 per picture gig will be perfect for you.

    Also, check out the gig extras. They provide more detailed service for you!

    Anything is possible. Ask if there is something you want done to a photo, but do not see mentioned in the gig description.

    Background images, people, homes, garages… Anything can be given a high quality professional look, at a VERY affordable price.

    Below are two photos taken out of a project we recently completed for a middle-school and high-school.


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Hello Scoban,

Thanks for taking the valuable time out of your day to come and find my blog post and fill me in on such pertinent information. I am sure that the staff appreciates you using your valuable time to do their job for them so that it is a burden off their back.

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