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Document generated by fiverr that proves that 20% fee?

I had a talk with my accountant and I need some sort of document that would prove the fact that fiverr is taking 20% of what I am being paid.
In the bill, I have to write the price that my client had to pay, but I also need some way to prove why I am not getting that whole sum, to prove that fiverr is keeping 20% of it, and I have no idea how to do that…


dear Rinkka,
Fiverr is giving you the platform for freelancing and that’s why they get the fee 20% of every order by seller because they are also working on fiverr platfrom to make better.

Not sure why you would need to fo this because your financial statements in Fiverr exclude the cut that Fiverr takes. It shows you what you earn AFTER Fiverr’s 20% is taken. Can you elaborate? Are you looking to claim the 20% loss as a tax deduction or something?


See if you can use a printed copy of the Fiverr TOS. Alternatively, just record your sales as priced minus Fiverr’s 20% cut to start with.


Can you get a statement or document from Paypal or Payoneer of what you take in every month?

I send my accountant my monthly Paypal statements.


I was thinking that if I were to send the bill to my client, I would have to write the whole sum that he paid, not just what I received

Send what bill? You don’t send bills on Fiverr for Fiverr off Fiverr. It is all internal in Fiverr and automatic.

Do you mean a financial record for the buyer’s reference?

Ok, I will see if I can do it this way. Thank you!

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Yes, in PayPal, for example, you can restrict results to deposits only, so there you have a full record of who paid you there.

What do you mean by that?
Im new at this so excuse me. I have to keep some sort of evidence of the orders that I had and who paid me how much, and I do that by writting bills. Normaly, in my country, one of the bills goes to the client. So I understand that that is not something that is done on fiverr?

Thank the universe no it is not.

Those aren’t bills. A bill is something you deliver to someone to prompt them to pay you but you don’t do that on Fiverr because the buyer is billed automatically when they make an order and then you get the money released when an order is complete. It’s like if you buy something on Amazon. You don’t bill Amazon or the seller. Once they press the purchase button, the system does the billing for you and it’s automatic.

What you are referring to are records, not bills.

Here is how to find your transactions on PayPal. Choose the transaction type you would like to show.


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and also refer your accountant to this.

Everything is explained in detail there.


Hope I can clarify this a little bit. Clients who buys here on Fiverr, do receive bills for their orders, but directly from Fiverr as they charge them, not you. :wink: You work for Fiverr in this case, so Fiverr pay you - not the actual client who you’re dealing with.

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fake, you dont work with clients, clients dont pay you, clients pay fiverr, and fiverr pay you, you are a co worker of fiverr :slight_smile: knowing that, i hope this can fix your problem, dont confuse the payment chain

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I just claim what I get from Fiverr. No need to make it complicated.


Shouldn’t your accountant know specifications of working through online platforms? And that it’s not clients paying you but fiverr (ultimately you are a subcontractor and working for fiverr on a project by project basis)


I think Fiverr’s Terms of Service meets these requirements. It is a legally binding document which clearly mentions that sellers only get 80% of the order amount and that the rest goes to Fiverr. :slight_smile:

P.S: Yes, I’ve read the entire thread. :wink:

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You are advertising your services on there platform and that is their service charges!

Your buyer will also get a statement of transaction.

You do not need to send any

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