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Dodgy Buyers!

I can safely say that the vast majority of people I have worked for on Fiverr are really good folks - all wanting (in my case) their audio edited as quickly and as high a standard as possible, great for interaction, great to work with. I also get my fair share of people interacting for quotes, and I’m delighted to give them, delighted to do a short demo of part of the gig before somebody commits to buy it - and as is the case with all business, expect not to get as many gigs as I do get. Its a great environment, and one I enjoy participating in.

However- I wonder did any body else come across the deviousness I came across today. A buyer contacted me and asked me to do a ‘simple edit’ for them… I explained the terms of the gig, and they came back to me asking for a ‘deal’… so I will always consider on a case by case basis - if its a ‘simple edit’ I’ll more often then not do something for them. A ‘simple edit’ in this world was a detailed list with 82 edits spread over 25 minutes of audio. I pointed out that this wasn’t exactly simple and the standard cost would apply… they then got snotty with me over charging for 3 gigs - and I said - look do you know what, don’t order the gig so - I’m sure someone is willing to do better, but just for today that person isn’t me thanks.

Now - it bugged me, so I dug a little deeper and clicked on their profile, and lo and behold they too are an audio editor, and they do half as much work as me for the same gig (in minutes). So they were trying to get me to do their work and get a tidy profit for doing nothing. That really really got my back up. I sent them a polite message saying please don’t contact me again, I know what you’re at basically. Guess what - no reply! How irritating! Rant over!

Just a heads up, 99% of the people at least that I deal with I know re-sell the work. In most areas, that is the case across the board. So although that person doing a lot less work than you that wants to re-sell your work, there are people that have probably ordered from you that have re-sold it for more than 100x what they paid you. Essentially, Fiverr is an outsource place. The rates are low but it’s much easier to get orders in a market like this without investing an arm and a leg to get exposure. Essentially, that’s the trade-off. I figure it’s better off not knowing which clients do that and which don’t, though. Honestly, if you see someone able to offer less for the same price, why don’t you do the same? In essence, the pay is only 4 bucks and if you can offer less for the same price, that means you should be able to get a significant amount of money for the time investment you already make in extras. Essentially, maybe a learned experience from this is to offer less in an initial base gig, and up-sell on the extras. Even a gig with a 5 dollar+ 20 extra for the same time as it’s taking you to do 5 is a significant profit increase. Most buyers are up-selling for potentially hundreds or thousands. Keep this in mind when you’re setting your pricing.

Well thank you for the heads up I never thought of it like that!

@mediastudioedit No problem. Key thing to remember in business is to know your worth. This isn’t like a day job where you may be tied down to an hourly rate. If you feel your time investment is worth more, charge more. It might occasionally cost you a client or two, but when you refine your client building relationships you’ll be noticing bigger profits for less time investment and happier clients as you’ll weed out the bad buyers and focus on the good ones that understand that you’re spending your time delivering the work they need done.

Reply to @mediastudioedit: awesome response. “I never thought of it like that”. Not often we see people ranting and really considering the advice they take back! :wink: