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Dodgy Fiverr 'developers' that damage existing websites

I have had people come to me rather upset in circumstances where they have hired a fiverr dev to fix a website issue. The end result is their website is in a far worse situation than it was before they ordered the gig. This is a growing problem as their appears to be a number of web design sellers who are completely unskilled, working on jobs way out of their depth and ultimately cause more problems than they fix. There are a few courses of action to take here, but first and foremost the money for the gig needs to be refunded.

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I agree. I also want to stress another point of the dangers of letting people who pretend to be helping you, but actually install things on your webhosting server that will be used to send spam out and do other malicious thing using your id.

Warning: By giving someone you don’t even know and trust access to your hosting CPanel, FTP and CMS can potentially compromise you in a big way.

YOU MUST: Review the sellers reviews. Be proactive and ask him clearly if he can do the task. If he puts money into that sentence you should not use him. If someone comes to me for this issue I simply explain them what I offer and what I do not. I will never accept something I can not do.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I totally agree with you, but even this doesn’t guarantee against the possibility of a malicious user accessing your CPanel. I would be very careful, and in general would try to avoid granting this kind of access wherever possible. It’s just so risky otherwise.

well, just pay a little more and get guaranteed results from a seasoned professional like me :slight_smile:

It is not always easy to spot these bad sellers.

I recently (today…) had to cancel a gig from an underperforming seller - and by underperforming I mean they failed in every aspect to do the job, including not being able to access the site control panel, despite me giving them usernames, passwords, urls and step by step guides… - whom I had researched by reading their feedback, checking their previous work as best I could etc.

There was nothing to alert me to the fact that I would have to cancel my gig and then find out that the seller had in fact accessed the control panel and used that access to delete every post, every page and every item from the media library - over 50,000 items in total deleted.

It is going to take me forever to get this site back to where it was before this seller got involved, and I face the downtime whilst I do, all of which is going to lose me even more money.

And of course Fiverr wont release the sellers details to my lawyers for confidentiality reasons…

Is there a way to back up your posts and theme on an external hard drive? I’ve contemplated using Fiverr sellers but am leery.of what you experienced and prefer not to use the cloud back-up sevices.

I find it interesting that you would give such private information to unknown people when the risks can be so high–and not even make a backup!

I wouldn’t–and if I was seeking help, I would not be looking on Fiverr. I would be seeking reputable companies with an established track record. Not just a few crappy 5 star outstanding reviews.

This is a ‘growing problem’ because you’re not paying a decent amount of money for a specialist skill, and neither are you doing your research prior to ordering. It’s a ripe market for easy money and dodgy people. Greed on both sides, in other words.

I thought sites were automatically backed up. Sorry this happened to you!

Your lawyers should know how to file a “John Doe” lawsuit, they then file a discovery subpoena and serve it to Fiverr in order for them to disclose who the person is and where they are located. (It may turn out they are not in the courts jurisdiction, but at least you know). In several states you may file a subpoena for small claims court too, so your lawsuit doesn’t need to cost you very much. But again, since you already have a team of lawyer on you payroll, they should have told you this :wink:

Always save a back up!

Maybe OP can check an Internet archives site to see if there are copies of his pages, at least it’s better than starting completely over.

With a good hosting company the site is backed up automatically at regular intervals.