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Doe bad review effect my profile in starting

I am a new seller.
i have completed my 5 orders yet. In first four orders i got 5 stars reviews.
But the 5th one was only one star just because buyer wants high quality work with very less budget.but i have done for him good work according to his budget.
Does this will effect my fiverr profile ranking ?
i will get more orders on this profile or not ?

Yes , it will actually affect your profile. As many of the buyer will run away by that 1 star review, even though you have 4 good ones

I will recommend responding the buyer reviews with your side story :slight_smile: good luck

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I agree you should respond to that review I think.
Maybe that review might go lower in the “most relevant” sort option after a while since it’s a short review (normally it seems to put longer reviews above shorter ones in that sort option).

Unfortunately it will probably stop you sending offers to buyer requests until the average rating is higher.

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