"Doer" Survey Link Not Working?


So I logged on this morning and was greeted by a pop up box asking me to take part in a survey about my experience as a Fiverr user. I click on the “Take Survey” button, but the page the link goes to says “This Survey is Currently Closed”. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


Maybe they don’t need/accept any more survey participants? They might have all the results they needed and forgot to remove that box :slight_smile: Unless, of course, it’s a bug of some sort…


Seems like most features have been buggy lately. I’ll just wait and see if the box ends up going away. Thanks for the reply! :blush:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: And be glad you haven’t found a different kind of bug, like that one where you can see other people’s inbox messages - that one always scares me! :dizzy_face:


whaaaat?! That sounds crazy. :fearful: Glad I haven’t ran into anything like that yet.


It was crazy the last 2-3 times it happened. Imagine your gigs not being yours anymore but rather gigs from multiple sellers associated with your account, and your inbox being filled with multiple other seller’s messages. While it could be interesting taking a peek at other people’s messages, at the same time it’s worrying to know others might read yours. And the gigs… oh the horror.


Are you serious? Has this happened to you before? When does it occur?

@twocakes[quote=“twocakes, post:1, topic:137794”]
I logged on this morning

Who logs into Fiverr anymore?! For me, I’m never logged out :joy:


Wow! That definitely is a little scary. Was this recently?


I use 3 different computers, my tablet & my phone, so sometimes I do have to log in. :wink:


No, that creepy bug last happened 1-2 years ago, but it used to happen more in the past, but it was always fixed quickly, because imagine the nightmare some sellers go through, the impossibility to deliver, find sellers, etc.