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Does 3 bad ratings in month suspend my account?

I’m very stressed to hear about that “If you get 3 ratings of 1 star in a month then Fiverr can either suspend or block your account”. Infact I ran into some trouble and got two continuous bad ratings.
Now, I’m very sad with this situation because I have alot of money in my account and haven’t withdrawn yet.

Please someone guide me and let me all know all rules of account suspension or blockage ?

M Waheed

definitely no , ratings have nothing to do with it unless you deliver less than you mention in your gig / partial work or work that has nothing to do with the request.


Where did you hear that?
3 warnings can get your account banned, not ratings (and even one bad warning can get your account banned).

So I think you are confusing warnings with ratings.


I’m not sure if 3 bad ratings can have your account disabled but 3 warnings can.

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Thanks all of you. I’m relaxed now :heart_eyes: