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Does 4 stars review impact badly on my Gig?

I have completed 3 orders. First 2 order, I got 5 star review, But the third number Buyer gave 4 stars review with good comment.
Does 4 stars review impact badly on my gig?
Looking for experts answer, I am really worried.
Thank you.


not bad.
even 5 star are best. but if u get 4 sometimes it normal
coz you need overall 4.7 average.

try best to get 5 stars in next projects
i will be fine


@samarashahz Thank you for your kind suggestion.
Can you help me providing another suggestion?
When I created my gig I Thought in this market palace we must start with $5 .
So I fixed my package with $5 but for $5 I have to do huge work like 4 pages design.
So I want to increase my gig price. Some one tell me not to do that, someone tell me to do.
What can I do now?
Thank you.

its not an issue what price you have mention.
important is that what is budget of buyer. if he offer big budget u can offer same.
his priority is quality of work.
u try to reply all 10 buyer requests as per your talent and their budget. u will find huge budget projects also.
even you can change price on your gig. its upon you

@samarashahz Thanks a million.
I very glad to get your suggestion.
Please pray for me.

yes i think 4 start not a big issue. we should monitor overall performance upto 4.7

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even my friend get many times 3 or 2 stars also.
but still she is successful. if she lost stars, she try best to get 5stars in next order. then it cover easily. she dont caer about stars. just concentrate on her work

its sad to get 4 star but still your rating 4.7. so you can give buyer request. and don’t lose hope

I try my best to improve my skills to get 5 stars.
@samarashahz you are so kind. I very glad having you here.
Thanks again.

@joyustcian Thank you Brother
Pray for me.

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thanks for nice words.

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can i know u friend?

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go ahead, its better for future.

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Always try to get a starting 5 rating. A 4 star rating is a top-notch skill. Don’t worry so much about it. Always try to keep raring 4.7 in your gig. That’s what you should do.

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Yes, Friend. Why not.
I am Shayok Ahmed Asif from Bangladesh.

@logodesign36h Thank you.

@gfxrana Thanks Brother.

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