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Does a buyer have rights to cancel before the order is complete

I feel like I am being burned here, I sought to buy a high priced top notch Expert Advisor that is a robot for trading the forex market. The seller showed me an account of a client of his that he said he said was of his previous EA, but he gives me a new version the he says is an improvement, but it turns out it is an unfinished project that doesn’t work anywhere near as good as what the account that he showed me. He said he just fished more work on the EA after I have requested to cancel and so has refused to cancel the order. I feel like I have been deceived, and have lost all confidence in the buyer and wish not to continue. Will I still loose my money, I would like to know how safe is it to buy on fiverr if you receive something far inferior than you believe you are lead to believe you are buying. If you know anything about EA’s it takes a lot testing and live testing to prove an EA.

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If you are unable to resolve the matter with your seller suggest you contact Customer Support.

Also, if you type “seller refuses to cancel” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.

Not a suitable thing to buy on Fiverr. No one is vetted for those skills or qualifications so you have no way to protect yourself.