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Does a Buyer Want a Refund? - Just Cancel Because CS Will Anyway!

To say I am disgusted at present is an understatement.

As I have mentioned in other threads, I have a buyer at present who I am 100% sure is the same person using multiple accounts, who is placing orders, only to demand I cancel immediately after delivery.

This person clearly knows very well how to game Fiverr.

On their first order they demanded I cancel by saying:

these paragraphs are long and plagiarizing rather than custom made sales copy.

Was there any proof of plagiarism? No, because there can’t be. I do not plagiarize content. However, this buyer came across as so nasty and belligerent that I just canceled to get rid of them.

Now let’s fast forward to their latest order:

I am looking for similar content to the website:

I own a tutoring company that is now going to offer tutoring services for all subjects (not just languages). I do not want to plagiarize and want the content to original. It must pass through Plagiarism Checker, If you do a good job, I have plenty more pages for you to do! This is largely sales copy.

I knew immediately that this person was likely the same buyer for the following reasons:

  • They did not provide a link to their website. (Previously I informed them/the last buyer that if they canceled and used my content, I would request it was taken down from any site using it.)
  • They have immediately mentioned plagiarism, thereby setting up their reason to cancel from the outset.

As it was, I was stupid for not going with my gut and not canceling this order preemptively. What I decided to do instead was over-deliver.

To which the buyer responded with:

There is very little original content, and very disappointed with the quality of writing.

I was ready for that, though:

Then started a barrage of insulting messages and repeat requests to cancel:

You seriously have to be joking? It’s as if you have never written an article before,

STUPIDLY I decided to stick to my guns. If I do not want this person ordering from me again, I can’t keep making it easy for them to cancel. In this case, I decided to take the hit with a bad review. That came in a few hours ago:


Naturally, I was super thrilled by this, but at least I won the battle. - For about five minutes.

You see, just after I get this lovely review, I get this from Fiverr:


How awesome is that! Not only do I not get my measly $16 by Fiverr canceling this order anyway, I also get the longest and most defaming review I’ve ever had on any platform in my entire freelance career.

So, let this be a lesson to you. If a buyer wants to cancel an order for any reason, even made up ones, just cancel. If you don’t, you will only make your buyer even madder. They will leave an evil review, and Fiverr will cancel the order anyway.

Is that unfair? Abso-fudging-lutely. However, that doesn’t matter. All you need to remember if faced with a scammer on Fiverr is that yes it sucks, but resistance is futile.


This sounds very scary and you been so badly treated bro


yeah majority of times buyers are getting supported and nowadays many sellers are saying this buyers are misusing their position


Sorry to hear this, Andy … and, yes, CS have really gone downhill since the new year.


That is so frustrating. I’m so sorry, @cyaxrex. Fiverr would be absolutely nowhere without its sellers, and if it doesn’t stick up for us, they’ll quickly see an exodus. Even after reviewing and seeing your proof and that your delivery was fine, especially with no plagiarism, they have a “buyer is always right” attitude and that’ll hurt them in the long run. You work hard to provide for buyers and that one will probably use your writing anyway while you get nothing… Ridiculous.


This is outrageous! I get that Fiverr CS is busy right now but they just cancelled an order within a few minutes without even really looking at it? Excuse me?
How are you going to deal with this situation? Because I wouldn’t know what to do other than blocking any of their accounts…

By the way, when I want to find the website an article or a translation of mine has been used on, I tend to copy and paste a couple of sentences into the google search and look for any matching results to find the websites.


Well, I never contact CS as a personal rule. However, I have received this from them without me doing so:


So, Fiverr is giving me the $16 that I would have earned with this order/. However, I am not thrilled about this, as this will make this the SECOND 1-star review in a row on Fiverr where a buyer has reviewed and canceled with CS.

In this case, I have replied with:


I’m sorry, but there was no breach of any guidelines with this order.

This person placed an order for content similar to that on a website they provided a link to. I followed the structure and layout of the content on the provided web page exactly, while making sure that all content was 100% unique.

Immediately after delivery, this person accused me of plagiarism. I proved that no plagiarism was present by providing a third-party plagiarism report. This person then accused me of delivering poor quality.

I do not deliver poor quality work. I have XXXXXXXX who outsource work to me and I regularly work with clients like XXXXX, the best-known cryptocurrency exchange in XXXXX and XXXXXX, who I have worked with exclusively through Fiverr to get to page 1 on Google using highly optimized SEO content.

Fiverr TOS states that buyers cannot cancel orders based on personal preference. As I trusted Fiverr to abide by its own TOS, I refused to cancel this order, despite knowing this buyer would doubtless leave negative feedback. Now you have canceled their order anyway after they have left feedback. In this case, they have my work for free and have been able to damage my reputation as a seller.

As this buyer has not paid for their order but has been able to leave defamatory feedback, I would like this issue addressed accordingly.

That said, I appreciate that your hands as a CS agent might be tied in this situation. In this case, please note that I am grateful that you are seeking to compensate me for this order. However, I would feel better knowing that I am protected from people being able to defame my reputation without actually paying to use any work I deliver.

Kind Regards,

Andrew / Cyaxrex

I now part expecting to receive a warning for feedback manipulation. However, if that happens, so be it. What I am not prepared to do is let this go without trying to preserve my reputation.


That sounds horrible. Are you sure this wasn’t a paypal chargeback? Because as far as I know, as soon as a client accepts the delivery and writes a review as well, they will not be refunded. But if they accept it, write a review and then pull off their paypal chargeback, the review will still be public on the profile.

Edit: You were a couple of seconds faster and posted your conversation with CS. Just ignore my message then.

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The buyer is still active on Fiverr. In this case, I know it is not a chargeback.


CS reserves the right to cancel an order up to 1 month after delivery was accepted.


I had some great experiences with CS the last couple of times I had to open a ticket, but reading this case just sounds so wrong and unfair. However, it won’t be the first and not the last time I’m afraid. Especially Top Buyers can almost do whatever they want. I got scammed too and also insulted (not the kind of subtle insults, the kind that would be censored and deleted if I write it out) and these buyers are still active.

@janali Thanks, didn’t know that!


Good on them for feeling bad and wanting to compensate you but none of this should have been allowed to happen, buyers like this should not be allowed to go unpunished and you shouldn’t be punished for… well, literally doing nothing wrong especially because, as you stated in your mail to them, TOS say that quality isn’t a valid reason for an order to be cancelled. It feels like someone up there just clicked on the refund button a little too quick.
This is really frustrating to hear.


What a terrible buyer, sorry for you.


@cyaxrex aka Andy. I am so sorry that you had to deal with such crooks! It seems like you have the worst luck with this type of buyer finding you. Karma will get them one day!


You are right, if the seller doesn’t provide quality means you should cancel or give negative review…
But i have one story…
One guy ordered me for designing a poster I send him and he liked it, and then he requested to cancel, I declined, he repeated though, madly I accepted it, I lost my 4$ for working with that madass😭
With this I lost my belief in some buyers.

my God, what an evil review!
this is a big lesson for us, accept to cancel and lose some money is better than this. Although it’s very unfair.

That’s terrible. My last “cancelation” with CS was awesome. After declining a cancelation, I was able to get a partial order done (by sending the buyer a smaller order, on which he left a 5 star review), the cancelation of the main order didn’t count for stats, and Fiverr even refunded me on the difference from the original, bigger, order.

But I see that they still keep being extremely hit and miss. You need to trust your gut more… And raise your prices. $16 is not worth the possibility of a cancel or bad review.

And btw, I was under the impression a canceled order would not be eligible to leave a review. Review = client paid. Client doesn’t pay, client doesn’t get to spew bs.

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I am usually defending fiverr for a lot of things.

But with customer support I keep saying that it’s the worst support. THE WORST.
Something really need to change.

Most of the times I do get things resolved but oh my, it takes so much fighting, back and forth, So much time, escalating those matters, speaking to different agents and trying to get through the wall of copy paste template messages that sometimes has nothing to do with my original query.

I hope fiverr representatives will read this because fiverr support is horrible.
(There are one or two good support agents but that’s it, the rest is a bunch of amateurs that doesn’t even read your question). And to add: doesn’t know their own system. I had a couple of conversations where I had to explain fiverr reps how their own system works and which features they have.


What a shambles. I’d be fuming too.

I’ll keep an eye out for that buyer, definitely won’t be working with them.

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It can be great, or it can be horrible, that’s the thing.

I’ve noticed that the quality increases substantially for larger orders, and for higher level sellers (better for TRS, best for Pro).