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Does a cancellation reason make a difference?

Hi all!
I offer my services as a vocalist. A buyer wanted me to interpret his song and sent me his material. I sang an excerpt from his song in two different styles to give him an idea. He then asked me if I could try it in a different direction. All in all, I sent him five different samples of his song before he actually booked me. With the booking, he sent me a snippet from my own demo material, a few seconds where I rather shout than sing, and wrote that he wanted it that way. So I recorded the whole song and delivered it. His response was that he had decided that he did not like it and wanted to cancel the order, even though we had agreed on 10 (!) revisions. He opened a dispute, asking for cancellation with the reason being “The seller can’t do the job”.
Now, all ranting aside, here is my question:
I am aware that accepting the cancellation will affect my order completion rate and probably my search ranking. However, if I don’t accept it, he would probably leave a very bad review.
But does the reason “The seller can’t do the job” have a negative impact? Does it make a difference if I decline the dispute and open a dispute myself?
Maybe I am just offended. :-/
I am curious to hear your thoughts on this.

This has turned into a rant. Maybe it would have been better there.


That’s mistake number one. Never do that. Do not ever offer anything (even a sample) for free.

As far as I know, reason doesn’t make any difference.

Personally, I would not cancel the order. As per fiverr’s ToS, “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


As far as I know, cancellation = cancellation, but then, I don’t know much. At the same time, you have already delivered the work to him. You put the time into it and did what you were paid to do, and ‘I don’t like the delivered work’ isn’t a genuine reason to cancel. It would be a waste of time and money to cancel now.

Chargeback cancellations don’t affect your analytics. The others probably do although I’m not sure about one or two reasons.

I’m also not sure they affect your search ranking. I know that some sellers who are in the top rows of my category have a lot of cancellations or strongly suspect they do.

I would refuse the cancellation since you did so much work for him. But it’s your decision based on how concerned about possibly getting a bad review you are.

That reason “the seller can’t do the job” is a reason scammers use who want free work because obviously you did do the job. I assume it would count against you.


I think “ordered by mistake” doesn’t. I am not sure but I requested CS to cancel 2 “ordered by mistake” orders and it didn’t affect my analytics.

Following is what CS representative said, “I understand that there are some cancellations that you can’t avoid (as was this case) and you as the seller are at no fault whatsoever. Bear in mind that cancelation statistics are handled automatically and the system will update the cancelation rate based on the cancelation criteria. We recommend you check your analytics section to confirm in a few minutes.”

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That’s good to know thanks. I think you’re right now that I remember a few of those I had before.

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Someone once placed an order with me after a long discussion, sent me a message: “I’m very excited to work with you!”, then requested cancellation 10 minutes later. The reason was: “The seller can’t do the job”, the message to go with it: “The seller hasn’t given me confidence that she can help me”.

I’ve declined a few times to attempt and request cancellation via CS to soften the blow on my stats but the dude would just resend the request and behave like it was me who was completely unreasonable. Long story short, I agreed to cancel to be done with him, wrote a long comment about them changing their mind for no apparent reason and blocked the guy.

My views decreased 50% for a week after that. Could be a coincidence. Could be him reporting me for blocking him. But I do believe there are “better” reasons to cancel an order (“The buyer will order again”) and worse ones (“The seller can’t do the job”) and some buyers are aware of that and are willing to exploit it.

In your case, I’d contact CS, explain the situation and tell them that you don’t agree with the cancelation reason the buyer has chosen. That’s what I’d do in my case if I wasn’t that mad and confused at the moment.


I had “the buyer will order again” as a reason when the buyer had placed two orders by mistake and wanted to cancel one and it affected my stats and orders.

This is in my case at least never any reason that is my fault and yet the site behaves as if I did something wrong. We are stuck between the screwy buyers and the punishing site.


Everything I cancelled without CS getting involved has affected my stats. But I think there might be a hidden impact “worse” cancellation reasons have. The gig just tanks and you can trace it to the moment after which it happened while you still have 100% / 100% / 100% on your dashboard the entire time.

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In an effort to control the bad behavior of all the newer sellers who are doing messed up things, and make them to move their gigs to a lower rank, we are also caught up innocently and unfairly punished.


It doesnt make any difference if you decline or open it yourself.

Thank you for all your replies. I have only four reviews for that gig. If this buyer adds a devastating review, I probably won’t sell the gig for a very long time.
Do you have an Idea if the ranking of all of my gigs will suffer, or just this one? My main source of income is a different gig.

I think it only affects the gig in question.

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No one knows how fiverr’s algorithm works. Sometimes gig impressions are affected even when everything is good and sometimes even cancellations don’t make any difference.

Anyway, I don’t think your main gig would suffer. Hopefully this cancellation won’t make any difference at all. I cancelled 6 orders in last 2 months and my gigs weren’t affected as much. Keep an eye on gig stats and see if you notice any change.

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Ok, thanks. I will report back how it all turned out.

If you haven’t invested that much time in giving him the samples, completing the project and if there isn’t a large sum involved, cancel the order.

If you have invested time, energy and the project is worth the money in your opinion, dispute until he agrees to pay you but be prepared for ,the review" .

The signs are that he wanted free work, the choice is yours.

I don’t think he wanted free work. I believe he is the type overcritical perfectionist who can’t articulate what he wants, but he wants the artist to deliver exactly that.

The order has been canceled two days ago, and I can not see any impact on the performance of any of my gigs.

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Never, ever create samples prior to booking. You don’t get paid for that and you’re just begging to get scammed.

I guess I have learned a lot with this incident. :slight_smile:

Awesome, great to hear that. Yeah, I know these types of buyers… glad you’ve sorted it out.

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