Does a mutual cancellation drop your sellers rating?


My customers app is not compatible with my Android. We can’t complete the gig. How can we cancel together w/out my rating being affected, or can we??

thanks guys



Hi! I don’t know the answer for this with absolute certainty (sorry), but I can tell you that I’ve mutually cancelled quite a few orders in the past for various reasons that were out of my control (customer ordered the wrong thing, etc.). It’s never affected my rating at all. I try not to cancel too often, but if I have to do it once in a while, I don’t worry about it. I’ve emailed Fiverr support about this before, and they’ve told me that cancellations (or at least the amount I have) will not effect my rating. All that to say, if you only do it once in a while, you should be fine!


sliverfox, We’ve mutually cancelled more than 25 orders for various reasons in the past 4 months & we still have a 100% positive rating.

Don’t worry, Mutual cancellation does not affect seller ratings :-bd


I just did… instead of bad review do mutual cancelled it will not affect your rating. No worry.