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Does A Mutual Cancellation Hurt You In Any Way?

I know that a mutual cancellation will keep a negative review from showing on your profile, but does it actually hurt you in some hidden way?

Like, if your cancellation rate climbs high enough, will you be denied certain things? Such as level advancement, or being able to use gig extras?

My cancellation rate is climbing pretty high, and it’s mostly from people who have ordered my gig, promised to get me the work I needed to do, and then just vanished off the face of the Earth. Sometimes it is pretty frustrating.

Any thoughts?

Mutual cancellations don’t, but if the buyer doesn’t get round to accepting the mutual cancellation, your rating will rise.

I have a 15% cancellation ratio (was 25% a few weeks ago)… All down to one buyer not accepting my offer.

Mutual cancellations do not affect you any way but it increases the percentage of cancelled gig only. :slight_smile:

Nope! No harm done with it (good thing too cos some buyers ask for awful stupid stuff i couldnt possibly do for them…!)