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Does a review lesser than 5 will affect my progress?

Hi All,

I wish to ask whether a review lesser than 5* affects one’s progress?

I recently got a 3.75 review (for the the first time in my over 70 orders completed), although I gave more than enough effort and time into that specific project.

I asked the client for any modification and he did not point out any, yet left a 3.75 review with stating that "had to get it done’.

I texted him several time asking politely for a revision in the review. However, much to my disappointment he didn’t respond.

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@misscrystal if you can help in this regard, it would be a huge favor. Thank You

Hi, no idea what to tell you, sorry.

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I think it is okay,

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I hope so!:neutral_face:

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Dear Myounas:

Let’s review.

If I understand you, have 65 5 star reviews and 1 review of 3.75 stars.

65 * 5 = 325 / 65 = 5.0, which rounds to 5 stars
325 + 3.75 = 328.75 / 66 = 4.981060606, which rounds to 5 stars

At this point, your negative review cost you 0.018939394 points from your 5-star rating.

To maintain your Level 2 status, you must maintain a 4.5-star or better rating.

To become a Top-Rated Seller, you must maintain a rating of 4.7 to 5 stars.

This one Review does not affect you in any major way,

Please understand that Fiverr has demonstrated that they want Sellers to live with bad reviews. As long as most of your future reviews are positive, you should be fine.

Good luck,


Thank you for your time Sir.

It surely gives a lot of boosting into one’s confidence.



Can you please explain this statement to me. “Had to get it done”

I am a non native speaker, and haven’t been able to perceive its meaning until now. I am sure that this statement is not to related the conversation I had with the buyer.

If you have anything in mind what it means; please let me know.

Thank You,