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Does a seller need full Godaddy account log credentials to migrate a site that is hosted?

I have a seller that is going to transfer my HTML site to wordpress (I just set up wordpress hosting on Godaddy) and gave them that login information as well as the ftp login information for my website data. He (maktechnolabs) keeps asking for my full Godaddy account login information and I am uncomfortable providing that.

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Hi There, Did you even progress with this? I’m in the same situation now and my partner doesn’t want me to give out my godaddy password. Many thanks

You need the Godaddy account login password and name to do anything to your hosting site, is that correct?

Or is there another password someone can use for just one site to work on it?

You should ask Godaddy on the phone how this can be done. They allow you to call them and have their phone number on their site.

As long as there are no other sites on the account that they could mess with you can always give them a password you can change at any time but again, you should call Godaddy and ask them how you can let someone work on a site for you.

It still is risky though since once they have your account login they could order more service from Godaddy if they were really dishonest. Godaddy may have an option to allow this situation while protecting your account though.

Giving them the login details is a bad idea. Godaddy have a system where you can give access to the account by invitation. I have done it a number of times with different sellers I have used. It gives them full access (so make sure you back up anything that you do not want to lose) but they do not have access to sensitive info like payment details etc.
I would never give full access to my account to anyone. Fiverr is basically anonymous so there really is no recourse if things go wrong. All Fiverr could do is ban the seller - doesn’t help you in any way. There has been a number of people posting on the forum recently about sellers messing up their sites etc.

Do they get access to all sites on Godaddy the client has or can you give access to just one site?

Are they not allowed to buy more things from Godaddy with your payment details?

Yes, they will have access to all sites but they cannot make purchases or view the details (login, address, payment info) of the account. They also cannot transfer domains as far as I remember.