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Does a sub standard review stick with your gig forever?

Hello everyone,

I am slightly confused about the review system in Fiverrr for which I want clarification. I am currently a level 2 seller and am operating around 13 gigs on Fiverr. Most of my gigs are rated 5 stars but there are few that are rated 4.9 stars. Here is one example:

So far I have completed 10 orders in this gig with 9 reviews rated 5 stars and one review rated 4 stars. So the overall stats are reflecting 4.9 stars on this gig. That single 4 star review was given more than a year ago. After that I have delivered 8 orders with 5 star ratings.

I believe that after 60 days the reviews and gig analytics are updated and the bad review stops affecting your “review rating”. This is evident because my profile page shows an overall 5 star rating. However, does the same thing not apply to the gigs as well? If that 4 star review continues to reflect on my gig after one year, then it doesn’t matter whether I complete the next 10 or 20 orders with 5 stars because the overall star rating on that particular gig will continue to show 4.9 stars.

Can anybody shed some light on this subject and give suggestions on how it can be resolved? Thank you.


It stops affecting your stats for promotion but not the overall rating.

You can try to calculate the average of how many reviews you need to get to get back to 5.0 for overall rating.


Yeah, eventually with enough completed 5-star orders it’ll go back up to 5.0.