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Does a VIDEO really sell more?


Hello guys!

My name is Hristijan and I’m a graphic designer and a Level 2 seller here on Fiverr. For a long period I’ve been thinking about making a VIDEO for my GIG’s primary and really wonder if sales do really increase?

I do not see a lot of graphic designers using that feature and I’m very uncertain if I should do it.

I would really appreciate your feedback! Share your experience and feel free to chat with me! :slight_smile:

Hristijan Eftimov.


Go ahead and create a video and let us know if you do get a sales boost.

Won’t know about something unless you try it first right? :slight_smile:


Hey djgodknows,

You’re right, I go by that rule as well! The thing is, I really wanted to hear out some experience from someone that already did it before engaging in the making of the video.

Thanks for your response btw! :slight_smile:


Not really. There I went, putting a video up for my bestselling gig, rubbing my hands in anticipation of the 200% increase in whatevers.

Eh. Might make a new video soon with some flashy 3D effects and even more swooshy text and some random filters I found online to see if that works better. I’d make the video anyway because it’s kinda fun.


Good point emmaki!

I went there with my thoughts also. I recently finished making my own video (took a long time since I’m not experienced in video making and editing).

The video I made was really simple and professional (the way I work and the clients I like to have are professional), and then I browse Fiverr’s gigs that have a video and I noticed every “flashy, busy and aggressive” video sells more.

Ughh, I just can’t decide which direction I should go…


:point_left: that direction :point_right:


Well, I’m no expert and that video (of mine) is actually my first ever proper attempt! Seems there are a few routes you can go:

  • LOOK AT ME, MA, I’M ON TV! In which you go all out for flashy, eyecatching stuff. Not much substance involved, but it looks cool, and the whole point is to stand out from the crowd, which brings me to video 2;
  • HI, I’M YET ANOTHER ANODYNE WHITEBOARD VIDEO Pretty self-explanatory. Someone has either purchased the appropriate software or thrown $5 at another seller to create a tedium-inducing copycat video that stopped being innovative and “wow” in 2007. Typically features bad English and random spelling mistakes FTW
  • HELLO, I’M GOING TO TALK In which the video features the seller droning on about their gig. Typically features bad lighting, terrible audio and questionable backgrounds which are more interesting due to the hints into the seller’s personal life and/or image they are trying to project
  • THIS IS IT or, “I will deliver this exact video which looks cool. I didn’t make it, and I may or may not have the rights to the stock, but it looks cool and I can make it yours with customization options. I will be annoyed if you want to change everything, as I can’t or won’t be able to do that.”

I’m sure there’s more. Remind me and I’ll poke a stick at them as well. Ultimately, I think eye catching is the way to go.


Well you can give it try and see if this works. But i have experienced it myself that when you upload a video on your profile, it actually does increases the views, impressions and clicks.


Haha, you made me laugh with the last 3 bullet points!

I think I will try to bring out the professionalism and make it eye-catchy in the same time and gonna go ahead and upload it.

Thanks for the feedback, emmaki!


I hope it increases the conversion rate as well! :slight_smile:


Yes , hands down 100%.

Just dont make a crappy one , that will have the opposite outcome for sure.
Make sure your on-screen text is done by someone who can spell.
That’s a common problem I see…


It is remarkable how many people throw up videos selling their service on “Fiver/Feverr/Fever”, never mind other errors that could be charitably put down to English not being their first language. I mean, dude. It’s one thing to misspell it on a forum, but on your promotional materials?

Tsk, tsk.


Giving them the benefit of the doubt Emma, I think it might be the way they pronounce 5er? :thinking:


I’m talking about the text on the video. It’s inexcusable when the word “Fiverr” is on every other page of this website.

It’s like me saying I work at MacroSaft, Or at Crapple, or Wilmart. It betrays a lack of attention to detail and chances that the buyer thinks “this person is stupid”. Also, if using the video to promote off Fiverr…

Benefit of the doubt? Sure, it’s not my foot they’re shooting.


My friend thought it was pronounced “Fever” at first (she’s american), so if THAT can happen, I can only imagine the mistakes of others…


I also Used video on my GiG and i Got wonderful results.


Hey guys! Thanks for sharing your experience and giving me feedback, I just finished my video and I’m waiting for Fiverr to approve it. Once it does, I’ll send you a link so you can check it out and share your thoughts on it! :slight_smile: I hope that you will like it!


They say but i don’t think it helps in ranking anyway, Especially for a graphic designer people don’t have time these days to see your Slideshow because that is all you can make, So instead of that u can add high quality 300dpi images that people can really see easily,If u have talent u can sell your gigs with only portfolio,

Video is very helpful for Animation gigs and explainer videos thats pretty common need of video there

In my case it didn’t work so i removed it and i am still getting sales, Infact a lot of sellers getting great sales without video


Yes videos help alot , It depends on your service , if it requires an explanation than i think a video helps a lot than a text or description.


HINT: First of all I’m telling you this because I did encounter a similar situation as yours and guess what? My first Fiverr account ever created was banned at around 100 reviews. When you try to promote yourself and when you try to claim the fact that you are a professional (and I’m sure you are!) don’t advertise in your video or in your portfolio stolen logos. You have many stolen logos taken like copy/paste 100% from freepik or around the web like this one for example . Don’t do this because you can get in a real trouble like I did. And if you really claim that you are a designer than act like a real designer and deliver your own work. That way it will help you get better and better at this, also you will have a badass original portfolio that can generate some real money. Learn from my experience, it will help you a lot trust me.

Also, from my experience try to stick with a nice and clean profile picture and also upload the other 2 ones, because most of users have some really weak internet connections and they can’t visualize the video, or it buffers for a long period of time, and they just get away from your gig. Trust me a picture worth 1000 words, but you need to know how to communicate in that picture. Again, this is just a tip, if you feel like the video is helping you then stick with it.


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