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Does a Warning Reminder from Fiverr affect your Gig traffic?

Here is what happened:

I’ve been sick for quite a while (I got infected with Chickungunya), which resulted in late deliveries. So I recently received a WARNING from Fiverr Support Team that I have violated TOS (which I know I mistakenly did), which is why they have given me a first reminder of it.

I have tried to tell them my situation but they are saying that they cannot remove the reminder from my account. The reminder was actually that if I violated TOS again, my status will be demoted.

Well… I don’t blame them either. It was inevitable.

I just want to know if that would affect my Fiverr business? I am earning a lot from here, which is why I have left my job and doing freelance work full-time.

Please let me know.

Thank you for taking your time reading this.


When I was sick a few years back due to exhaustion, which in turn attracted some other health issues, I’ve suspended all my gigs for 3 months to avoid similar or worse problems, and especially to give myself time to properly recover.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got infected with that virus, and I strongly recommend that you take time off to get your health back on track - your health isn’t worth the late deliveries and level demotion. If it was inevitable like you said, why did you keep on working yourself?

Surely you must have put some money aside for such situations, but if not, I also strongly suggest that you back up some of your earnings for cases like these. I always collect a bit of money aside for emergencies and unforeseen situations, you should think about that, too.


Thank you @Woofy31 for such a great response. You’re right. I have to be ready for every kind of situation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t about money. The thing that kept me going was that I had 10+ orders in my account and I got sick after I received those orders. I didn’t want to have bad reviews left behind (I sincerely care for my clients too) and didn’t want my clients to have a bad impression from me. Most of my clients are very humble and accepted my situation.

But I think one of them just silently complained about it.

However, still I don’t have the answer if it would affect the business or not.

i am hoping it doesn’t. If you know someone who might know about this; please tag!


Hi, i want to ask the difference between reminder and warning on fiverr.
I got one reminder email from fiverr, and got another with the first warning. Please tell that does it mean i have got two warnings, is reminder counted as warning. I know there are three warnings. Thanks

Total three warning. You got two warning. That’s mean your are last stage. If you violate any rules you are suspended from Fiverr.
I think you are clear now.


I got one reminder. Is reminder counted as a warning? The reminder email look was different from the warning email. Plus on warning email, it mentioned this is your first warning. so?

What was the reminder for? As far as I know, reminders are not considered warnings. Only warnings are counted against you, not reminders.

@hanshuber16 the reminder was related to delivery buttonto send incomplete delivery. So reminders are not warning right? Though the latest emails says its your first warning so i guess reminder is not a warning.

Reminder and warning both are different.

Yes, you are right.