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Does adding video actually increase sales?

As the title says does describing your gig in video increase sales ? any one have experience with and without video with same gig ?

Hi harisalis,

Yes, it’s made a massive difference to my sales. About 6 months ago I didn’t have many videos on my gigs and my sales were low (even though I was getting 1000s of impressions and 100s clicks).

I then added videos and my conversion percentage has got a lot higher (like overnight).

I have heard it said by one of the top rated sellers that fiverr ranks you higher if you have a video as well (not sure how true that is). Either way, I now have a gig where I produce animation fiverr videos especially for fiverr sellers.

I have some example videos in this playlist:

Here is the gig - you can have my gig extras for free if you mention this thread when you order:


thanks .

Yes it does. Your gigs with a video are more visible in search and on the first pages of Fiverr.

So far, I only have 1 video for 4 gigs. Unfortunately it did not work for me. However, I still love the video and I got it from Fiverr for an awesome price. So I will probably use it again in the future.

Having a video does not guarantee increase in sales. Though it will definitely help to make your gig look more professional and trustworthy. And that can help to improve sales.

I’m helping out with free video for new sellers. Check out my post in the “Improve my gig” section and request for one if interested.