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Does age impact amount of sales?


I’m a minor here on Fiverr, 14 to be exact, and I don’t tell people my age that often because as long as they are satisfied with my work, I don’t see a reason for them to know my age. I was just wondering if you think that age impacts the amount of sales and the readiness for a buyer to purchase a gig in any way. Thank you!


Like with anything, age could be a factor for some people where for others it isn’t. I don’t tell people my age either, there isnt any need to.
You look like you could be any age between 14 and 23 so it should not be an issue.


For some people it probably does, but generally-speaking, I doubt it… For instance, I found this site around 2012 and posted a gig or two, but never got any sales. But my daughter, who was 16 at the time, also created an account (in Fun & Lifestyle) and she had no problem getting sales, due to her professionalism and commitment to doing a good job. As a result, she always had extra spending money, on top of her allowance, thanks to Fiverr…Now, 5 years later, she’s giving me tips on how to improve my Profile and gigs, since I’m back and determined to do better…

I think it usually is a little slow-going at first, but once you’ve proven yourself, things should get easier.


Hello Braden,

I know a bunch of teenagers out there who knows A HECK A LOT MORE about computers than I do, so as long as I get the feeling that I can count on them and they have shown their skills to me, I will gladly pay them and ask for their help. I know some kids who are really good writers and have a very creative mind, they can sing well, play the piano, create a website, etc etc etc. Bottom lines, it’s the skills.
Having that said, depending on the situation I will feel a biiiiit worried. If for example I had a business document, I don’t think I will ask a teenager to translate it, even if the person was bilingual. It just depends I guess.

No need to lie about your age, but you don’t have to tell people either.
I agree with what Eoin said, your photo looks like you are between 14 ~ early 20’s.
Personally I think you look 18. And yes, it’s a compliment.


I started on Fiverr when I was your age and age comes up a lot less than you probably imagine. All people want is to get the job done and I don’t see how they would even know how old you were. Good luck!


I think you do not have to tell your age. You won’t get excuses because of your age. Buyers only needs work done on time and perfectly.


Thank you and I was hoping that that was the case. I understand that people may be drawn away from a minor if the buyer is professional and needs something done up to par and believes a professional will do a better job.


This is helpful. I just don’t know if it will be any different because some of my gigs are more writing based and I don’t know if that will influence an individual’s opinion on my professionalism when it comes to crafting scripts and stories. That’s amazing though and I’m hoping I can sell more soon.