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Does an animated trailer that wont be profited off of count as commercial use?

So I’m an artist, animator and currently am writing a novel.
For this novel, I’m wanting to gig voice talent on here to voice for an animated trailer for the book.
This trailer will not be promoted or paid for promotion, but it will be uploaded to youtube with no monetization or monetary gain from it.
I just want to make it for my use, my co-writers use, and to invest watchers into reading the book.
So, would this trailer project count as commercial use? Sorry for such an odd question that probably has a simple answer, but I’m still getting the hang of this type of thing.


As far as I can tell, yes, because you’ll be promoting your book with it.


The whole point of the video is to promote and generate leads for your business (or for any kind of profit venture), so yes it is commercial use. If you’re using someone’s work to generate business, they will want to be compensated for that. You would, too. Even if it isn’t for profit, you are still looking to grow a venture from this, so it is commercial use.

Commercial use doesn’t only refer to direct sales.


Yes. Even if you were a charity or non-profit looking to invest video viewers in reading a free book about your charity, this would still be considered commercial use. In every case, though, it is best to get clarification directly from a seller you plan on working with.