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Does an uninspired username limit ability to become a TRS?


OK guys, time for some real talk.

Now that I’ve been enjoying higher volume and decent monthly returns, I’ve been starting to think about what will need to happen for me to be considered for TRS, and what I would need to do to make this happen. And then it occurred to me - most of the TRS’s I’ve seen have usernames that are clever and don’t have numbers in them. Mine misses the mark on both!

So here’s the question - should I start considering asking CS to close this account, letting all of my Buyers know I’m going to be starting a new account with a new screen name, and then starting from scratch with zero reviews, or should I just stick with my current account? (And if we do close our account and start a new one, what happens to funds that haven’t cleared?)

What does everyone think? Does a username have an impact on how easy it is to reach TRS?


WEll, first, never close an account and start a new one with funds in there. Put it on vacation mode. Wait until all money is cleared, withdraw and then close the account, then open a new one.

BUt actually I don’t think you should be messing with it. How long have you been selling? If you are at the point of higher volumes and decent monthly returns, you could possibly loose a lot of that.

Maybe you could create a logo for David388 like if it means something or MAKE it mean something, then start using it on your taglines/signature when you deliver your work at the end…I don’t know, maybe something creative. I mean what is 388 stand for?


zeph11, w3sol, teajay26, silla_cutie1030, richt74, coppe007, gd2p01…and many more. All these are TRS.

Building up your business again needs luck and opportunity. You may never get as successful as you are now if you open a new account. I’ve also thought of changing to a more meaningful and design-related username catering to my niche, but I won’t risk that.


I agree with what’s already been said–plus I’d say that your username actually has something great going for it: it has your name in it. Buyers can pretty much instantly decide how to address you because your name is right there in your username. That simplifies things!

I don’t think the reviewers (or most buyers) really care too much about what your username is, just your customer service record and community participation, on top of having a high rating and plenty of orders.


I really don’t think your username should matter in getting the TRS and starting another account could be stressful. I know that you are ore experience now and if you have to start a new account it would most likely be easier that when you started this because of experience. However, i wouldn’t consider it as long as i have decent monthly income.


@timelyservices I agree. Creating a new account would be a big mess for no reason. To become a Top Rated Seller they pick from services, reviews, and volume of sales. Your username will not affect your chances of becoming a top rated seller. Plus if you made a new account you would have to go through all of your customers and tell them you are creating a new account which could possibly lose you some buyers. Your username is fine! :slight_smile:


@sincere18, @willpower_hk, @emasonwrites, @timelyservices, @wegotshoutouts - thank you guys all so much. You’ve made me feel much better about this - charging full steam ahead. Hope you guys are having a great start to the week!


My first thought was: NOOOOOO! Don’t close your account and try to start over for sure, and I think your name is fine.


I think your name is good. (Son’s name is David).

Besides, you certainly don’t want to rebuild yourself with a new name HOPING to get TRS with it. Just keep on what you’re doing and roll with the flow :smiley:


For what it’s worth, I made TRS pretty quickly and my account name is just my name :slight_smile: No issues at all. It’s not like a domain name or anything.


Reply to @willpower_hk: woot! thanks for the mention! :slight_smile:

I was such a newbie, as everyone was one, and was probably not having enough caffeine when I created my account. So when Fiverr asked for a username, I didn’t think it will become THE name that the public gets to see. Silly me! LOL Anyway, that was a year and 1.3k orders ago. I’m happy that I am a TRS but still hoping that someday we can change our username without affecting our rep/status/…blah blah. Have a great day everyone! Thanks again willpower_hk!


Speaking as a buyer, I don’t even notice the seller name until well after I’ve browsed headlines and preview photos/videos, clicked through to the gig to watch the video, look at preview pics, and read the gig description. By that point, I’ve already determined if the seller is going to be a good fit and it has nothing to do with the name.


Reply to @teajay26: thanks for your comment! Your gigs look wonderful, btw :slight_smile:


Reply to @jamesbulls: hey James, thanks a lot! And I agree with you - I’ve since realized it’s less important than I had thought, now that I’ve become a Buyer here too.