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Does any one else get "stage fright?"


Hello all! Does any one else get nervous sending out gigs? I have one waiting to be accepted, where I wrote a short children’s story advertising a product,…NERVES

I am working on one now that is funny quotes put to dog shirts NERVES did I charge to much?

I just a few minutes ago got a request to perfect a resume for some one who is higher up way higher up in the food chain. He picked ME …he said I will be greatly compensated for a good job. NERVES NERVES NERVES.

I try not to underestimate my skills but EEEEK.

I know that I am good at what I do or else I would not have placed the gigs. I have told a few buyers I was not able to complete their order as it was something I was not capable of doing, so that is not the issue, just NERVES,

any tips?!



Reply to @janeedward: Confidence! :smiley:


Well I have nothing to fear because I ‘pre-erase’ such feeling with my juicy(over deliver) quality delivery always.


Reply to @madmoo: thanks it is glad to here that some one at your level still gets nerves my closing letter is always the same and I add in there: I truly hope that you are satisfied and if you need any tweaks let me know! that way I can OD as we say here on fiverr!


I hear you. Sometimes I’m uptight when showing my work because I really want folks to like it. Some stuff is a back and forth process to get it right. I did some work last week that benefited hugely from and update from the feedback I got. Anyhow, yeah, I feel nervous like as if it’s a fear of rejection. I’m always up for the redo if they’re not happy, but it’s gratifying to hit the ball out of the park on the first pitch too.


Oh my, yes. Especially when they’re for articles. I’m such a perfectionist and I put 100% into all my writing, so I think a lot of my heart goes out with it and I get nervous about it not being good enough. I think this is right on “I think the nerves are a good thing - once you become complacent then you can let your guard slip and may not do your best work.”


Terrified! I do my very best work on my crocheted products but I’m always worried. I sometimes send a little note that if there’s any problem – as sometimes happens with handmade things, lol – I’ll be glad to redo. But I think it’s the fear that keeps me doing my best, so maybe it’s not the worst thing.


Whew I agree with you all! I am glad I am not the only one. I just sent the funny quotes gig out, will let you know…took a few minutes to :“do” but the ideas have been rolling around in my head for a few days…


Same thing happens to me all the time. I just always tell them if they need any changes to let me know. Oftentimes the ones I think will need changes love it the first time, and the ones I think are great need changes!


Yeah, but my work is text based so if there’s any minor or large problem it’s fixable.

Just be confident in the work you’re doing, they probably picked you for a reason.


Reply to @lefttowrite: thanks for the confidence in me :slight_smile:


I always fear, I am not sure. Deep rooted me somewhere is a fear of not performing well. Even if I know I have done the best possible job I am just scared somebody will hate it. Thankfully that is never the case and I can breathe easy again! I also fear those random updates people send on their order at various points :o it’s instant “what have I done now?” sort of feeling :frowning:

Like somebody said above, some people do come across as a little tricky but most of the time they love your work which is good! Thankfully never had a negative feedback for poor quality work! Although I refused to offer someone a bonus article once as she said she was a regular customer, I hand in the delivery and BAM negative feedback saying I should provide more for customers. Thankfully customer support dealt with that one rapidly!

Nowadays I add the following to all gigs “Any problems then please do not hesitate to get in touch before negative feedback, I will be more than happy to help” and never has somebody responded to that! Well, one person but I let quality slip as I was tired and she knew what I was able to provide so I rewrote and everybody was happy!


Reply to @ryangillam: Yup I agree but I think that is the glue that makes us push, especially if we are creative. I think most of us are a tad insecure and pride comes before the fall…I do notice customer support is good here which I am glad for…the way I see it if they make us happy and we are doing well…then more money for them!